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Marie-Claude Touchette
“They both feel that the SaeboStim Micro is making a difference”
I have been using the SaeboStim Micro with a patient who is six months post CVA. This patient suffered a stroke while in Florida while he was away from his family. He was sent to a nursing home for 100 days where he did not receive any - or very...
Jeffrey Despommier
“When you put a Saebo solution in the hands of a skilled clinician, a whole new world can be opened up for a patient’s life.”
I graduated with a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy in 2008 from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.  Shortly after receiving my Masters, I moved to Houston, Texas.   For the past eight years, I have worked all throughout the medical center in Houston, including, but not limited to:...
Christopher Walker
“As both a university music teacher and a Master Sergeant in the Air National Guard, I recognize the functionality of the SaeboGlove”
Dr. Christopher Walker has performed as a soloist in eleven countries, spanning three continents, and has shared the stage with such great performers as Frederick Fennell, Eugene Rousseau, and The United States Air Force Academy Band. He has performed for the Vice President of the United States. In military bands,...
Jena Bohl
“The SaeboGlove is an excellent adjunct to a patient’s home exercise program.”
My name is Jena Bohl, and I’ve been an Occupational Therapist for 5 years. I have been working in outpatient neurological rehab for almost three years at HonorHealth (formerly Scottsdale Healthcare) in Scottsdale, AZ. During this time, I have been using Saebo products including the SaeboReach, Flex, Glide, Stretch, MAS,...
Gabriel Garcia
“Thank you for your commitment to our son’s treatment and recovery”
I just wanted to tell you and Saebo how much we appreciate your generous support of our son - Gabriel's treatment and recovery. I must admit, when you called I was waiting for the "catch" after you said you would be providing the SaeboGlove to our family. When we realized...
Kevin Breveleri
“During my trial with the SaeboGlove, I regained movement in my right hand – a life altering experience.”
I am Kevin Breveleri, and I am 34 years old. I was born with a rare heart defect called L Transposition of the Great Anterior Vessels. Because of this, I have had 3 mitral valve replacements in addition to 8 pacemaker surgeries. I had a stroke when I was 21...
AnnaMaria Baraglia
“I was able to regain mobility in my affected hand and arm and eventually regain full function”
My stroke occurred August 27, 2008. I was alone in my new apartment. No one knew my address yet because I had just moved a few weeks before. I stayed home from work and slept all day because of a splitting headache that had begun the day before. I got...
Mariah Essom
“The Saebo products gave me hope”
I suffered from a stroke on 10/5/13 at 28 years old. I was on my way to a hair salon appointment. When I pulled into the parking lot, I suddenly felt my right side go numb. As I tried to get out of my car, I collapsed, unable to stand....
Eric Preston
“I am so thankful to my SaeboFlex. God and your wonderful product has blessed me with another chance at life”
I served on Active duty with the US Army for nine and one half years and served two tours of combat in Iraq. I got out of the Army in April of 2006 and then enrolled at Columbus State University to pursue a Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry degree. I...
Michael Che
“I was amazed at the smooth motion I could accomplish with the SaeboMAS”
I was diagnosed with MS in March of 2013. I had been experiencing neurological symptoms for nine years, so it was not a big surprise when I got the diagnosis. I had a long period of time to adjust to the notion before it was an actual reality. I was...
Larry Kenchel
“The first time Larry used the SaeboFlex, it was much more than we could have hoped for”
It was a cold winter morning when it all happened. I was lying half asleep when my husband began to rustle his legs. I said Larry what is wrong? He said I don’t know and sounded slow and groggy. I jump out of my side of the bed and turned...
John Humphrey
“When other therapists and patients see me working out, they are absolutely amazed”
I just received my SaeboGlove in the mail and I have been going to my physiotherapist twice a week now for three weeks and things are coming along EXCEPTIONALLY well. Today's workout was just stunning. I had great strength and control and I'm really getting accustomed to it. By the...
Melessia Downham
“The SaeboFlex helped me attain the goals I wanted to achieve – and more”
One month after celebrating my 30th birthday, I found myself coping with the aftermath of a stroke that had significantly impaired the upper left side of my body. Unable to move my affected arm and hand on command, everyday tasks such as opening a bag of cereal, tying my shoes,...
Mimi Duffy
“Not Only Gives Me Hope, But Purpose”
At 31 years old, Mimi Duffy quickly found herself in a fight for her life. On the morning of January 15, 2012, she awoke to what she believed was a common migraine headache. However, the ordinary soon turned into the extraordinary after her husband found her unresponsive on their bed....
Marjorie Mitchell
“Saebo has given me almost complete use of my arm again”
My name is Marjorie Mitchell. I had my stroke in January 2005. My OT ordered my Saebo in June. By January 2006, I was able to independently move my thumb slightly for the first time. I continued my Saebo program daily. It wasn’t until December of 2007 that I was...
John Humphrey
“I have made more progress in therapy using my SaeboFlex in one year than I did in the previous 30 years”
The fact of the matter is that I have made more progress in therapy using my SaeboFlex for one year than I did in the previous 30 years of convalescence from my stroke. I experienced my massive and severe stroke at age 15 on December 9, 1979. My left hand,...
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