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It felt easier to walk and they enjoyed the low profile of the SaeboStep!

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

SaeboStep Tension Release Dial

My name is Katie and I am a pediatric physical therapist. I have long thought of Saebo as a company geared towards occupational therapy for rehab of the hand/arm. Recently, I attended an in-service by a Saebo rep where I learned about the SaeboStep. Our rep, Lanie noted that most clinics she has worked with have used the SaeboStep for post-stroke for helping with foot drop, so she was more than willing to let me have a trial to use with my pediatric population.

Since then, I have used the SaeboStep with several of my older kiddos, some who have varying forms of Cerebral Palsy. With the SaeboStep donned, I have noticed improved foot clearance during gait in affected lower extremity and, as a secondary benefit, improvements in arm swing and truncal rotation. Some of the kids have reported that it felt easier to walk, that they enjoyed the low profile of the SaeboStep compared to bulkier SMO’s or Toe-Offs, and that they’d be interested in transitioning to this orthotic.

Thanks Saebo!

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