“Saebo has given me almost complete use of my arm again”

Sunday, August 19th, 2007
Last modified on May 15th, 2020

Marjorie Mitchell

My name is Marjorie Mitchell. I had my stroke in January 2005. My OT ordered my Saebo in June. By January 2006, I was able to independently move my thumb slightly for the first time. I continued my Saebo program daily. It wasn’t until December of 2007 that I was able to move my pinkie and index finger independently.

Once I started using the Saebo, the swelling in my hand went down and I only had to wear my compression glove at night. In March of 2007, I qualified for constrained induced therapy. By this time, I could pinch clothes pins, build Jenga towers, and stack checkers. I still continued Saebo on a daily basis. In March of 2008, my grip strength was 20 pounds. Currently, I am able to incorporate my hand in many daily functions like folding clothes, holding bowls while I stir, holding pot handles, and putting glasses in the cabinet.

I believe Saebo has given me almost complete use of my arm again.

Marjorie Mitchell, Stroke Survivor


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