The SaeboStep is far superior to the other ankle-foot orthosis I was using… I am so grateful.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Bobby Davis

On Mother’s Day, 2014, I got my cup of coffee, sat down to breakfast with my wife’s gift in hand, and had a stroke. After the stroke I spent seven weeks in a rehabilitation hospital. One week after I was released I fell and broke my humerus bone. After that, I continued to try and do stupid things on my own and soon slipped and fractured my hip (don’t try to do stupid things on your own!). So now I have a rebuilt hip, in addition to a weak left side and no use of my left arm. Walking is a challenge for me because my foot drags on the ground. I have no lift – my foot flops and I come down on the balls of my feet. I can hardly walk at all without some kind of help.

I had a custom, ceramic, ankle-foot orthosis made for $2500. This turned out to be like a medieval torture device – an expensive one too! It was so uncomfortable. Then I saw the SaeboStep on the Saebo website and it looked much more comfortable so I decided to try it. The SaeboStep is far superior to the other device I was using which caused my heel to come crashing down when I would go up and down steps. Last week my wife and I were at Sam’s Club and all the handicapped spaces were already taken. I had to walk all the way across the parking lot before even going in to shop. However, I had the SaeboStep on and I was able to do it. What a difference this makes. I am so grateful to the engineers at Saebo for their innovations. Keep up the good work!

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