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Saebo Certification – Self Study

This CEU approved self-study course includes video lecture and lab activities that will certify you to use Saebo’s Functional Dynamic Orthoses on patients that have had a neurological injury. This innovative course offers practical experience and training which will enable you to incorporate the latest evidence based treatment approaches for UE neurological rehabilitation for those individuals who are appropriate. The course will review current research findings related to the treatment of the hemiparetic UE, teach you to identify which patients with a variety of diagnoses will benefit, teach you how to correctly fit and adjust the Orthoses, as well as teach you to establish patient specific treatment plans that can be immediately incorporated into clinical practice.

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this online course the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify common upper extremity impairments following a stroke
  2. Demonstrate awareness of current research evidence for common treatment strategies for the upper hemiparetic limb
  3. Describe the principles of Saebo’s Functional Dynamic Orthoses (SaeboFlex and SaeboReach) and the Saebo Arm Training Program
  4. Describe the principles of the SaeboStretch resting hand splint
  5. Identify the components that make up Saebo’s Orthoses
  6. Perform a clinical evaluation of the hemiparetic upper extremity for the appropriateness of the Orthoses
  7. Complete the fitting procedure for the Saebo Orthoses
  8. Develop a patient specific Saebo Arm Training treatment plan
  9. Describe how to incorporate the Orthoses and Saebo Arm Training principles into your current treatment practice


  1. Pre Study: Plan to read the course materials, references and review the post test before listening to the audio (allow 30 minutes for these study tasks).
  2. Recorded (Self Study – 5 hour Agenda):
    • Overview of stroke, stroke statistics and common UE neurological impairments.
    • Review of evidence based UE neurological rehabilitation.
    • Introduction to Saebo’s Dynamic Functional Orthoses (SaeboFlex/SaeboReach) and how they work.
    • Clinical evaluation of the UE to assess appropriateness for Saebo Orthoses.
    • Measuring for Saebo Orthoses.
    • Review SaeboFlex, SaeboReach, and SaeboStretch fitting procedures.
    • Case Studies and Troubleshooting.
    • Arm Training Program treatment and principles
  3. Lab Section (Homework – 2 hour Agenda):
    Registrants will have the opportunity to personally fit and treat their clients with the SaeboFlex/SaeboReach/SaeboStretch as part of the educational experience. Saebo will provide a free loaner device to practice with during the lab section. Registrants will be required to successfully assess, measure, fit and treat an appropriate client as part of the course requirements. Registrants must have access to neurological patients.
  4. Post Test: Research, identify, and submit your post- test answers (allow 30 minutes for these completion tasks).
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The demonstration with the patient using the device was great!

The presenters were very informative (+ entertaining!).

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