SaeboStim One and SaeboStim Pro CEU Course

This 45-minute continuing education course is presented to you by Dr. Scott Thompson, OTD, MOT, OTR/L, LSVT, the Director of Clinical Services at Saebo, Inc.  This course will introduce you to the principles behind neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), evidence-based research concerning the purpose and use of NMES for neurological recovery, and reasons to treat the body using the SaeboStim One and SaeboStim Pro. 

Completion of this course will reward the participant with 0.75 NBCOT PDUs (0.075 AOTA CEUs), following completion of the presentation and a 80% score on the quiz. This course will provide evidence-based research on positive effects of NMES training, when to use NMES, and types of NMES application.  It will also talk about the features and benefits of treating shoulder subluxation and other body parts using the SaeboStim One, and features, benefits, and reasons to use NMES, SES, and TENS with the SaeboStim Pro, and why to use these devices in the clinic or home for rehabilitation. 

This introductory CEU course is intended for medical professionals (e.g. OT/OTA, PT/PTA, Physicians, Orthotists) directly related to the rehabilitation of a patient or client.  To participate in this CEU and receive credit, the participant must be a licensed, treating clinician.


  • Understand the importance of neuromuscular electrical stimulation treatment (NMES) 
  • Be able to discuss the various benefits of using NMES 
  • Be able to describe the 3 applications of NMES 
  • Describe the features and benefits of the SaeboStim One 
  • Describe the features, and multi-application use of the SaeboStim Pro 
  • Describe the evidence-based benefits of NMES, SES, TENS from the SaeboStim Pro 


  1. Brief overview of NMES  
  2. Discussion of evidence-based research on when and how to use NMES 
  3. Discussion of EBR concerning three common types of NMES application 
  4. Brief overview of benefits and features of the SaeboStim One 
  5. Discussion of shoulder subluxation and EBR for proper application to muscles of the shoulder 
  6. Introduction to benefits and features of the SaeboStim Pro 
  7. Brief overview of benefits from NMES, SES, and TENS application offered by SaeboStim Pro 
  8. Review of presentation handout for quiz 
  9. 10-question quiz 


Cancellation: If Saebo decides to cancel this course, for whatever reason, a notification will be sent to the original email used for participation in this course. If the participant would like to cancel their participation, please provide a short email to [email protected] and you will be removed from the course.
ADA/Special-Needs requirements: Please provide special accommodation requests via email to [email protected] explaining what you require to participate in the course(s) of your choosing.  We will do our best to accommodate you if given a substantial amount of time prior to participation.


Excellent presentation! Took a lot from this course!


Loved the update on stroke research.

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