Electrical Stimulation: Choosing the Best E-Stim Unit for Your Recovery

Electrical stimulation is a treatment method that sends electrical impulses to your muscles to generate movement. When integrated into your recovery regimen, e-stim can enhance your routine through muscle strengthening, spasticity reduction, and task practice to help you see results faster. Pairing your rehab devices with an e-stim unit helps to maximize your time and get more out of your recovery.

Understanding the Types of E-Stim

There are several types of e-stim that can benefit your recovery based on your needs. Follow this quick guide to decide which e-stim unit aligns with your symptoms to help you recover faster!

SaeboStim One NMES e-stim unit
SaeboStim One

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

NMES is generation of a muscle contraction by the electrical stimulation, resulting in the movement of a joint. The SaeboStim One is an e-stim unit that is great for managing shoulder subluxation, improving arm/hand strength, and for for working on ankle and foot weakness associated with foot drop.


  • Improved muscle strength
  • Increased range of movement of the targeted muscles
  • Reduced spasticity (sometimes referred to as tone)

Pairs well with: SaeboStep, SaeboGlove, SaeboMAS/Mini, SaeboStretch

Sensory Electrical Stimulation (SES)

SES is a low-level stimulation that excites the sensory system. Those using an SES device, such as the SaeboStim Micro, can expect to see that no muscle contraction occurs, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not working (in fact, that’s the point!). The SaeboStim Micro gives your arm some much needed stimulation and is great to use while at rest; for example, while sitting back and watching your favorite TV show.


  • Used to help reduce spasticity in the arm and improve sensation and neglect
  • Stimulates the brain to help improve motor activity
  • Decreases swelling

Pairs well with: SaeboStretch, Saebo Mirror Box

SaeboStim Micro SES e-stim unit modeled on an arm and hand
SaeboStim Micro
SaeboStim Spa neuropathy foot bath and SES e-stim spa
SaeboStim Spa

The SaeboStim Spa is an SES e-stim unit designed to help restore movement and manage nerve damage in the feet. This neuropathy foot bath/spa provides extremely safe, low-level electrical stimulation designed to improve sensation, reduce spasticity, improve ease of walking, and decrease pain in the foot.

Pairs well with: SaeboStep

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) & Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

FES is the use of NMES to promote a functional activity such as grasping a utensil for feeding or reaching for a door handle.

TENS is used for pain relief by helping to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.  No muscle contraction occurs, and a tingling sensation is felt.

The SaeboStim Pro is an advanced NMES e-stim unit that incorporates FES, TENS and SES by adding the Sensory Electrical Stimulation (SES) Accessory Kit.  Simply put – it can incorporate multiple types of e-stim based on your needs!


  • Provides pain relief
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Reduces spasticity
  • Can be used to practice everyday tasks

Pairs well with: SaeboGlove, SaeboMas/Mini, SaeboStep

SaeboStim Pro Advanced NMES e-stim unit
SaeboStim Pro

Maximizing Your Time With an E-Stim Unit

Each of the e-stim units above are beneficial on their own and/or in addition to the recommended product pairings. Please be advised that it is important to consult your clinician before purchasing an e-stim unit to aid in your recovery. There are some users that may not be suited for electrical stimulation. If you fall under one of the categories outlined below please consult your clinician to determine if e-stim is safe for you:

  • Pregnant
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy
  • Uncontrolled atrial fibrillation
  • Cancer – especially if you are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment

Ready to give e-stim a try?

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