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Our experience with SaeboStep has been amazing since the start!

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Our experience with SaeboStep has been amazing since the start! Our son was injured in an accident and as a result, has drop foot. We have several expensive AFOs that he has used, but the SaeboStep has allowed him to walk normally and avoid embarrassment from wearing a brace that his teenage friends notice right away. After some months of wear, the boa on the first Saebo quit holding, so we purchased a second SaeboStep.

I contacted customer service to see if there was a way to repair the first one so that we could have an “old” one and a new one. Our customer service representative Kristen Conway mailed us a new SaeboStep right away which was way above and beyond what I expected especially considering our very active teenager had been wearing it daily for several months. She has responded within minutes of my inquiries and has been very helpful during this stressful time for us. Thanks for the exceptional service!

-Kristan S.
Carlisle, IA

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