SaeboGlove FAQs

What is the SaeboGlove?

The SaeboGlove is an innovative hand device equipped with a proprietary tension system that extends the clients fingers and thumb following grasping. The spiral forearm design supports and secures the wrist for individuals exhibiting wrist drop. To learn more about the SaeboGlove’s features, go to our product page.

How is the SaeboGlove different than the SaeboFlex?

The SaeboFlex is a high profile, out-rigger style splint made from durable rigid parts used to support and assist individuals with increased tone. The SaeboGlove is a low profile splint made from soft fabric and semi-rigid parts used for patients that do not exhibit hypertonicity.

The SaeboGlove parts do not have the material strength needed to re-extend the digits following grasping of a client that exhibits increased tone. These clients would need the SaeboFlex.

Who can benefit most from the SaeboGlove?

There are 3 groups of clients that typically qualify for the SaeboGlove:

Mildly Affected Neurological Clients: These clients exhibit some finger extension, but not full. They may have used the SaeboFlex, but are no longer challenged by it. They may exhibit mild hypertonicity, but not enough to prevent them from extending their fingers to some degree. They still suffer from hand function impairment including fine motor control, weak finger flexors and/or weak extensors. Numerous repetitions may be difficult due to weak finger extension strength and endurance. Thumb and index finger tone may be more prevalent. They are typically in the outpatient setting.

Moderate/Severely Affected Neurological Clients: This group exhibits very minimal or no active wrist/finger extension and are very low tone or flaccid; they are not impeded by hypertonicity. They are typically in the inpatient setting. A majority will require electrical stimulation with the SaeboGlove.

Orthopedic Clients: This group typically has a diagnosis of radial nerve palsy/brachial plexus injury/fractures. They exhibit wrist drop and lack finger extension strength.

What is the Clinical Criteria for SaeboGlove?

In order to qualify for the SaeboGlove, clients should exhibit some ability to squeeze. If the clients cannot squeeze (curl fingers), then electrical stimulation to the finger flexors to facilitate squeezing can be provided. In addition to demonstrating active finger flexion, clients should not exhibit spasticity in the hand. If clients demonstrate more than mild hypertonicity in the wrist and fingers, then the SaeboFlex would be required.

If I already have the SaeboFlex, is there any reason to consider the SaeboGlove?

As clients make progress with their upper limb recovery, it is common to see improvement with spasticity and better movement in the wrist and fingers. When this occurs, the SaeboGlove may be more appropriate for their next stage of treatment.

SaeboFlex and SaeboReach FAQs

What is the SaeboFlex and SaeboReach?

The SaeboFlex is dynamic custom fabricated wrist, hand, finger orthosis that allows stroke survivors the ability to incorporate the involved hand functionally in therapy and at home by supporting the weakened wrist, hand, and fingers. The brace attaches to the stroke survivors forearm, hand and fingers. The device has no motor or electrical parts.

The SaeboReach is a dynamic custom fabricated elbow, wrist, hand, finger orthosis. The SaeboReach consists of a combination of theSaeboFlex and a custom fabricated above elbow component. The orthosis features an elbow extension system. The elbow extension system provides assistance in straightening the arm so functional reaching is possible. The SaeboReach was specifically designed for individuals that have limited hand and elbow function.

How do I know if I need a SaeboFlex or a SaeboReach?

If you have limited or no use of your hand but your elbow is not affected then the SaeboFlex may be appropriate for you. However, if you have limited or no use of your hand AND you also have elbow limitations (weakness, increased tone etc…) that are impacting your functional independence then the SaeboReach may be appropriate for you.

Can any therapist instruct me in how to obtain and use the SaeboFlex or SaeboReach?

No. Saebo equipment, especially the SaeboFlex/SaeboReach orthoses, are specialized patented devices. Occupational and physical therapists attend specific education classes offered by Saebo, Inc. to become trained in the orthoses.

How do I find a Saebo trained therapist in my area?

To find the nearest Saebo trained clinician, please call 888-284-5433 to speak with a representative who can provide you with further details.

I had my stroke 10 years ago. Is it too late for me to start using the SaeboFlex or SaeboReach?

Absolutely not! When it comes to your health, recovery and physical abilities, it is never too late to try. People up to 20 years post neurological injury can benefit from the orthoses. In addition, the ability to use the hand in therapy or at home has been reported as extremely motivating during the recovery process.

How can I find out if I am a good candidate to use the SaeboFlex or SaeboReach?

There are several ways to find out if you are a candidate. One way is to call 888-284-5433 and speak with one of our trained therapists about your current arm/hand function. Another way to find out if you are a good candidate is to meet with a Saebo trained therapist. Saebo Instructors train therapists throughout the country. When a training session for therapists is going on in your area, it may be possible for you to be screened to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for the device. If a training session is not going on in your area, you may still search for a Saebo trained clinician by using the zip code locator on this website. Enter your city, state, or zip code into the locator at the bottom of this page or call Saebo, Inc. toll free at 888-284-5433. As therapists are trained, their information is posted on our website.

Is there a way I can try the SaeboFlex or SaeboReach for free?

Yes. Saebo, Inc. instructors travel to cities across the country to train therapists. At each course, the instructors arrange to have three to four stroke survivors demonstrate the use of the Saebo orthoses to the class. This gives the therapists a chance to see how they work in a real situtation, and also gives the patient a chance to see if it is appropriate for them. If you are a stroke survivor and would like to demonstrate the SaeboFlex and SaeboReach at one of our courses throughout the country, please call us at 888-284-5433 or email us at [email protected]

What is the return policy for the SaeboFlex and SaeboReach?

The SaeboFlex and the SaeboReach are custom-fabricated orthoses. Once an order is placed for these custom-fabricated products, the order cannot be cancelled or returned for any reason.

SaeboStretch FAQs

What is the SaeboStretch?

The SaeboStretch is a revolutionary new award winning dynamic hand splint for individuals suffering from neurological injuries such as stroke. The splint helps to prevent joint damage while improving and maintaining range of motion.

How is the SaeboStretch different from current splints?

Protects your Joints:

  • Traditional splints are made from hard/rigid material that do not allow for any movement of the fingers. The SaeboStretch has a unique dynamic hand piece that allows the fingers to move through flexion due to increased tone. The same stretch technology safely repositions the fingers into extension. The SaeboStretch includes three different hand pieces that offer various grades of resistance so you can further match your patient’s specific needs.

Positions the Hand:

  • The SaeboStretch provides maximum positioning utilizing the following:
  • Proprietary new strapping system that utilizes key anatomical points of control to maximize control and insure an intimate fit.
  • Malleable wrist and thumb mount allows the therapist to further customize the fit.
  • New non-slip strap material and design helps facilitate keeping the fingers in the desired position.
  • Breeth-O-Preen covering that allows moisture to wick away enhancing skin integrity and hygine
  • Palmer arch padding to help maintain the integrity of the palmer arch


What is the SaeboMAS?

The SaeboMAS is a zero-gravity dynamic mobile arm support system specifically designed to assist, as well as challenge, the involved shoulder and elbow during functional tasks. This device is primarily used for neurological and orthopedic patients that exhibit shoulder and elbow weakness.

How does the SaeboMAS work?

The device assists the patient’s arm during tasks through an adjustable spring system. The spring system allows the arm to be facilitated throughout all planes of movement. Tension adjustments can be made so the patient can effectively incorporate the arm during functional activities. As the patient improves proximal strength, the spring support decreases to further challenge him or her at the appropriate level.

Can the SaeboMAS be used in the home environment?

Yes. Although many hospitals and clinics use the SaeboMAS for patient care, the device was also designed for home use. TheSaeboMAS includes a portable table mount that can be secured to most commonly used tables. Using the this device at home can help many individuals with maximizing their self-care needs while improving their quality of life.

What are the differences between the SaeboMAS and the SaeboMAS mini?

The SaeboMAS mini is a portable and compact version of the standard SaeboMAS. The SaeboMAS is designed primarily to be used in hospitals, long-term care facilities and private clinics. The SaeboMAS mini is more appropriate for home therapy and pediatric rehabilitation.

SaeboReJoyce FAQs

What is the SaeboReJoyce?

The SaeboReJoyce is an upper extremity rehabilitation workstation designed for orthopedic and neurological patients who exhibit impaired function of the arm and hand. The computerized task oriented training system provides standardized upper limb exercises representing activities of daily living (ADL). Clients can use the SaeboReJoyce in the clinic and at home.

Is the SaeboReJoyce compatible with all computers and operating systems?

The SaeboReJoyce comes with a laptop that is equipped with the latest NeuroGaming™ software, so you will not need to have a specific computer or operating system to use the SaeboReJoyce.

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