Product Manuals

At Saebo, our products are designed to be simple to use. But that doesn’t mean we expect you to figure them out entirely on your own. We’ve created these manuals full of detailed instructions and helpful tips to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your Saebo devices. Please select below the manual and language you are looking for to begin downloading.

Instructions For Use
SaeboStim Spa
SaeboStim Pro
SaeboStim Go
Saebo Mirror Box
Open arm and hand angled down wearing a SaeboStretch Dynamic Resting Hand Splint for stroke recovery.
Young boy and girl wearing the Pediatric SaeboStretch dynamic resting hand splint in the color blue and pink while holding arm across chests.
Open hand wearing SaeboGlove for stroke rehabilitation
Foot in blue sneaker wearing SaeboStep AFO Brace for Foot Drop
SaeboStim Micro
Rear view of the SaeboMAS dynamic mobile arm support device for shoulder and arm stroke recovery in the color blue.
SaeboMAS mini
SaeboStep Eyelet Hooks
SaeboStep Replacement Cord Kit
SaeboStep Spectra Cord Replacement Kit
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