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SaeboStim Go

Close the Gap. Wireless wearable stimulation for shoulder subluxation.

The SaeboStim Go, a wireless electrical stimulation device, is designed to prevent or reduce shoulder subluxation by strengthening the weakened muscles surrounding the joint. The affordable and compact device works by delivering electrical signals through its wireless electrodes to the targeted shoulder muscles that lift the arm back into the joint.

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Sleek. Simple. State-of-the-Art.


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Why use SaeboStim Go?

  • Wireless! No tangled wires… just grab and go.
  • Affordable and simple to use.
  • Sleek and lightweight.
  • Low cost, reusable gel pads are made of the highest quality material available.
  • Only one preset program, so no guess work.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Utilizes ultra-thin rotating electrode wings.
  • Laser printed silver conductive surface to provide an unmatched quality of stimulation.

Not just for Subluxation.

The SaeboStim Go can be used for other parts of the body as well. The device’s program parameters are clinically designed to improve function, slow down atrophy, and strengthen weakened muscles.

SaeboStim Go Subluxation

Shoulder Subluxation. What is it and how does it affect your recovery?

One of the most common areas often affected by a neurological injury is the shoulder (i.e., glenohumeral joint). The shoulder complex is a very sophisticated and complicated joint in the body. It consists of 20 muscles, 3 bones, 3 joints, and 1 articulation. It has the greatest ROM of any joint in the body but at the expense of stability.

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Shoulder Subluxation

Electrical Stimulation. Overcome weakness and improve function.

Electrical stimulation or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is a technique used to elicit a muscle contraction using electrical impulses. Electrodes, controlled by a unit, are placed on the skin over a predetermined area. Electrical current is then sent from the unit to the electrodes and delivered into the muscle causing a contraction. A few of the benefits seen with electrical stimulation include increased strength, improved range of motion, and decreased pain.

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Electrical Stimulation
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