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Saebo AvivaStim

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Saebo's AvivaStim is an advanced Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation System. The AvivaStim was developed to prevent or slow down muscle weakness, improve motor impairment, and re-educate and strengthen weakened muscles. The device works by triggering muscles to contract and relax using electrical impulses. This portable, digital, dual channel stimulation device incorporates a comprehensive range of programs to aid in the rehabilitation process at home.

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Product Description


  • Unique Trigger Mode for functional training. Stimulation triggered at any point during functional task by pressing Trigger Key. When Key is released, stimulation turns off.
  • Large clear digital display with easy-to-understand symbols.
  • One touch operation.
  • Unit memory provides automatic return to previously used program when unit turned on again.
  • Display screen shows length of time left/elapsed in the current session.
  • Nine easy-to-use pre-set programs created to treat all levels of muscle weakness and many specific conditions.
  • Consider use of AvivaStim for conditions such as:
    • Disuse atrophy.
    • Muscle spasms.
    • Range of motion.
    • Muscle re-education.
    • Lack of blood circulation.
    • Chronic or post-surgical pain.


  • TheĀ Saebo AviviaStim is designed for both individuals that have experienced a neurological injury, such as stroke, as well as orthopedic injuries, such as radial nerve palsy and other peripheral nerve injuries.
  • Individuals that have had injuries that result in limited movement, decreased function, weakness, or foot drop may benefit from this device.

Clients that may not be appropriate for theĀ Saebo AvivaStim typically exhibit one or more of the below:

  • Patients that have pacemakers.
  • Patients with cardiac arrhythmias or disturbances.
  • Avoid use on areas of skin with recent scar tissue.
  • Avoid stimulation use on the uterus of pregnant or menstruating women.

2 reviews for Saebo AvivaStim

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    During the time when my hand didn’t open I tried this e-stim and manually stretching my fingers as well as the Saebo Stretch. The more dedicated and consistent I was using them the better the results. Always record measurable goals to see your improvement.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    we have been working with Saebo for 4 years now – great product

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