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Saebo Hand Treatment Kit
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Saebo Hand Treatment Kit

Saebo Hand Treatment Kit

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The Saebo Hand Treatment Kit is a comprehensive, upper extremity collection designed to treat acute and chronic neurological conditions throughout the continuum of care.  Whether in a hospital or clinic, this all-in-one kit allows clinicians to intensify their treatment by addressing hand function, sensorimotor deficits, spasticity, soft-tissue management, subluxation, pain, and edema.

Intensify Your Treatment with Evidence-Based Solutions.

  • The Saebo Hand Treatment Kit, ideal for both inpatient and outpatient clinics, is a comprehensive upper extremity program designed to treat neurological patients with limited hand function.

  • The all-in-one kit includes our evidence-based products to address upper limb recovery after stroke (SaeboGlove, SaeboStretch, SaeboFlex, SaeboStim Micro, Saebo Mirror Box, SaeboStim One, and SaeboStim Pro).

  • This Kit allows clinicians to intensify their treatment by addressing all major areas of upper limb recovery, including hand function, sensorimotor recovery, spasticity, soft-tissue shortening, edema, subluxation, and pain.

  • The Saebo Hand Treatment Kit allows you to treat any size patient at any deficit level. Clinicians can feel comfortable recommending products for patients to take home by trying them first in the rehab setting ensuring appropriateness, effectiveness, and patient compliance.

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Affordable All-In-One Kit Maximizes Hand Recovery

Treat every patient, no matter the deficit.

Impaired Hand Function

Using repetitive task-oriented training, the SaeboGlove and SaeboFlex reduce spasticity, enhance motor recovery, and introduce people to function they didn't know possible.

Decreased Sensation

The SaeboStim Micro improves cortical excitability of the affected side of the brain and addresses multiple sensory stimulation deficits. Using a safe, non-invasive technique called sensory electrical stimulation, this can be achieved during the day or the night.

Spasticity & Contracture

The SaeboStretch is a dynamic solution for a dynamic problem. It prevents or minimizes soft-tissue shortening, joint deformity and contractures caused by spasticity and normal resting hand splints.

Subluxation & Weakness

Enhance treatment and recovery using electrical stimulation from the SaeboStim One and the SaeboStim Pro. The easy-to-use SaeboStim One and the trigger-activated SaeboStim Pro can minimize, prevent, or recover from subluxation, weakness, edema, pain or spasticity.

1 review for Saebo Hand Treatment Kit

  1. Katie

    The best all-in-one kit for UE recovery – period. Addresses all major treatment areas for hand/arm recovery — there’s something for every patient!

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