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Tired After a Stroke? Understanding Post-Stroke Fatigue

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Tired After Stroke Understanding Post Stroke Fatigue, Tired After Stroke, Understanding Post Stroke Fatigue, Stroke Fatigue, Fatigue After Stroke


Feeling tired is a normal part of life. Whether you didn’t get a good night of sleep or wore yourself out with a busy day or an exerting activity, your body can only handle so much before you start to feel the physical effects of being tired. In cases like these, all you need to do is rest in order to feel re-charged and rejuvenated. But for individuals who have suffered from a stroke, it’s not that easy.

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Why You Should Exercise After Stroke

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Exercise After Stroke, Why You Should Exercise After Stroke


Everyone knows that exercise is good for their health, and for stroke survivors it is no different.  After suffering a stroke, survivors may face numerous barriers to becoming physically active such as disability, fatigue, or depression. While they may have to start slowly and find ways to work around physical barriers, physical exercise is important to both help survivors recover and help them prevent a second stroke.

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