Dynamic Splints and Contracture: What Occupational Therapists Need to Know

Henry Hoffman
Friday, December 8th, 2017

Dynamic Splints and Contracture What Occupational Therapists Need to Know, Dynamic Splints and Contracture

Suffering a stroke is debilitating and scary, and survivors are often affected much longer than the stroke itself actually lasts. Many patients experience spasticity and contracture during their stroke recovery period. These ailments affect the muscles of the distressed wrist and hand within days of stroke recovery, which can lead to a painful and permanently clenched hand.

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SaeboFlex Helps Client Regain Hand Function 23 Years After Stroke

Henry Hoffman
Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Stroke survivor exhibits remarkable improvement in hand function more than two decades after stroke, disproving theories that recovery window is limited to 6 months. 

Charlotte, N.C. – Tuesday, July 25, 2017 – Until recently, researchers believed that if a stroke survivor exhibited no improvement within the first 6 months, then he or she would have little to no chance of regaining motor function in the future. This assumed end of recovery is called a plateau. However, a groundbreaking new article published in the Journal of Neurophysiology discusses a stroke patient’s remarkable improvement decades after suffering a stroke at the age of 15. Doctors Peter Sörös, Robert Teasell, Daniel F. Hanley, and J. David Spence formally dismiss previous theories that stroke recovery occurs within 6 months, reporting that the patient experienced “recovery of hand function that began 23 years after the stroke.”

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“When I put the SaeboGlove on, I wanted to extend my whole arm!”

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Amy Hsu

Amy suffered a stroke at the age of 11, and the doctor told her she would see no more improvement in her left hand. Several years later, Amy is bound and determined to regain hand function with the SaeboGlove. She saw results the very first day, was able to complete functional activities faster and with more accuracy immediately after putting on the SaeboGlove.

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Saebo, Inc. Awarded Patent for Low-Profile Stroke Recovery Glove

Henry Hoffman
Thursday, July 6th, 2017

SaeboGlove, Patent for SaeboGlove, Saebo Awarded Patent for SaeboGlove, Saebo Inc. Awarded Patent for SaeboGlove

Internationally renowned stroke rehabilitation company, Saebo, Inc. was recently awarded a patent for the SaeboGlove, a revolutionary post-stroke hand rehabilitation device.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – July 6, 2017 – Saebo, Inc., a medical device company specializing in affordable and novel clinical solutions designed to improve mobility and function, announced on Thursday a new patent awarded for the SaeboGlove, a hand rehabilitation product launched in the Summer of 2016 that has since gained international attention as one of the most effective and comfortable hand solutions on the market.

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The SaeboGlove gave him back hope, purpose and a return to life.

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Pao Thao

On Mar 22, 2014 at 42 years of age, Pao experienced a sudden onset of right-sided weakness and loss of ability to speak intelligibly. A CT scan confirmed he had a brain hemorrhage.  At that time, Pao had a wife, 6 children, and a full-time job managing a department. He loved to tinker, build and could fix anything around the house. In a moment, he lost the ability to fulfill any of his prior roles.

After an extensive inpatient rehab stay, in August, an OT in my clinic evaluated him.  The evaluation indicated that he had virtually no strength in his right arm except for a slight ability to shrug his shoulder. In addition, he exhibited right shoulder subluxation which was painful. He could follow directions but could not say anything in either of the languages he was fluent in.

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The results are phenomenal…my clients can see that they themselves are accomplishing tasks.

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Dorothee Z.

Over the years, working as an occupational therapist, I have watched more than a dozen clients progress with the use of the SaeboGlove and the SaeboFlex. My clients love the SaeboGlove. The feedback I receive and the results are phenomenal. The glove is lightweight and the rubber fingertips enable my clients to grip objects more easily. The SaeboGlove allows people the freedom of feeling what it’s like to open and close their hands again – all by themselves, without my assistance or the use of electrical stimulation. My clients can see that they themselves are accomplishing tasks. Being able to use an extremity for the first time after an injury increases the client’s motivation, determination, and hope, which in turn allows for high repetition of meaningful tasks. This will assist in facilitating neuroplastic changes in the nervous system.

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People say that “lefty” is always going to be the way it is…but we don’t give up!

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Andrew West

Andrew is very excited about his new SaeboGlove. There are many people who say that things will not change…that “lefty” is always going to be the way it is. Some say it might even get worse. But what could be more important than getting use back of a hand, so we don’t give up.  Andrew had a stroke in utero. Doctors said he would never walk. He did!  They said he wouldn’t talk. He did!  He had just learned to walk at three years old, when a year later he had to have double hip surgery. He had to relearn to walk again. He did.

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Thank you Saebo. I love your motto: “No Plateau in Sight.”

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Chris Weiss

I was 15 years old when I experienced a stroke on July 24th, 1975. Relearning how to do simple things or things I had taken for granted was hard. I learned how to ride a bike again, at age 16, by strapping my right foot into the pedal and moving everything I needed to operate the bike over to the left side of the handle bar. After many attempts and many bruises, riding my bike is now a great pastime. My way of dealing with what happened to me has been to overcompensate with the left side of my body; I came to terms with the fact that this is the way things are until something is found that can help.

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After wearing the SaeboGlove, I felt my hand getting stronger, more coordinated, and more flexible. Now, I am starting to be able to do the things I once loved again, like play the guitar.

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Charlie Russell

Four years ago, my daughter celebrated her first birthday in a rehabilitation hospital where I was recovering from an ischemic stroke that left me paralyzed on the right side of my body. The stroke was a horrible experience that came out of nowhere. Afterwards, I was unable to walk, eat, or even see out of my right eye. Prior to the stroke I was an aircraft mechanic and enjoyed playing the guitar, paddle boarding, surfing, flying and generally having fun outdoors and with my family in our small fishing town in Alaska. After the stroke, I was struggling to do just the basic things.

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The excitement of being able to do something with her hand independently after fifteen years is so huge for Kathleen and for me.

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Kathleen Grace

My daughter Kathleen was born with Down syndrome. At five years old, she was diagnosed with a very rare neurovascular disease called Moyamoya that caused a series of strokes. After the strokes, Kathleen spent a month in a rehabilitation hospital; she regained her language and ability to walk over the course of the next year, but not her ability to use her left hand. A year later her physical therapist told us not to expect any additional improvements in her ability to use the left hand.

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