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Reclaim Your Reach With Shoulder Exercises For Stroke Recovery

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Shoulder exercises for Stroke Recovery


Recovering your arm and shoulder movement after a stroke can be challenging. If you can’t easily grasp and release objects, move your arms forward, or use your arms to support your weight or you’re just starting your recovery with a Saebo solution, it’s important to incorporate helpful shoulder exercises for stroke recovery into your daily routine at home.

And that’s exactly what Occupational Therapist Hoang Tran recommends. Hoang focuses on shoulder and arm mobility at her outpatient rehabilitation center, Hands on Therapy. She opened the Florida center in 2014 after extensive clinical experience, including more than a decade at Miami Beach’s Mount Sinai Medical Center. As a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) she specializes in pathological conditions affecting the upper extremities. Throughout her years of working with stroke survivors and other people with upper body trauma, she has learned several simple and effective techniques that you can apply in your own home to speed up your recovery.

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Clinical Examination of the Painful Hemiplegic Shoulder

Henry Hoffman
Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Successful clinical outcomes are typically the result of the therapist’s ability to perform a thorough and accurate examination. In order to diagnose and prescribe lesion specific treatment, a clinician must not only be knowledgeable with the musculoskeletal system and how to systematically examine the affected joint, but feel confident with interpreting the results. Without an accurate assessment using proven orthopedic-based diagnostic techniques, pain and disability can persist unnecessarily for months or years. In a previous article, we looked at the biomechanics, pathoanatomy and pathomechanics of the hemiplegic shoulder. Today, I would like to continue this series by reviewing the clinical examination of the painful neurological shoulder.

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De-icing the Mystery Behind Hemiplegic Frozen Shoulder

Henry Hoffman
Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

If you have attended a Saebo course in the past, you most likely have heard the comment “it is the hand that guides the arm”. Although this is theoretically true when discussing the importance of incorporating one’s hand functionally, broadly speaking however, we should avoid providing too much importance to the hand as it is only one element of the interdependent kinetic chain. Yes, the hand mainly guides the arm to interact and problem-solve the environment, however, if pain and limited motion exists proximally (i.e., shoulder), function will be compromised regardless of the hand’s ability to participate.

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An Orthopedic Approach to the Hemiparetic Upper Limb: Understanding the Biomechanics and Pathoanatomy of the Shoulder.

Henry Hoffman
Friday, November 28th, 2014

Before I co-founded Saebo, I was a practicing occupational therapist specializing in non-operative orthopedic medicine and manual therapy of the upper quadrant. While working at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, NY, part of my caseload was dedicated to orthopedic rehabilitation including the treatment of overhead athletes. Through the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (IAOM), I received my post-professional education training on diagnosis specific musculoskeletal management.

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