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Spasticity Unmasked.
Thoughtfully designed. Clinically appreciated.

SaeboFlex Features

Key ingredients.


Digit Caps

Prevents flexion at the fingertips so proper grasp can occur. Multiple sizes available to offer an intimate fit.


Finger Lead Mounts

Positions and aligns the fingers. Numerous sizes available to accommodate various finger lengths.


Extensions Springs

Extends the fingers following grasping. Various grades of extension assistance provided to harness all levels of spasticity.


Thumb System

Provides multi-directional adjustments to accommodate all positioning needs.

SaeboFlex or SaeboReach?

Clients with limited elbow movement (i.e, unable to reach or extend the elbow), along with impaired hand function, may require the SaeboReach.


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Risk-Free Trial

September Webinar Update! Due to technical difficulties during yesterday's SaeboStim Micro webinar, we are hosting...