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ArmeoSenso & SaeboMAS mini

Hocoma and Saebo partner to offer ArmeoSenso with SaeboMAS mini

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEHocoma officially launches its new sensor-based stroke therapy solution with Saebo’s innovative mobile arm support.CHARLOTTE, NC AND VOLKETSWIL, SWITZERLAND - Tuesday, May 29th, 2018Hocoma is pleased to announce the formal...
saeboglove + aviva

Research shows SaeboGlove combined with electrical stimulation improves hand function after stroke

A new study shows 75% of stroke patients with no hand function at baseline improved use of their affected hand during self-care tasks following SaeboGlove treatment combined with electrical stimulation....

Saebo Announces Notification for Allowance from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for New Sensor-Embedded Hand Treatment Device for Neurological Clients

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – October 26, 2017– Saebo, Inc., a medical device company specializing in affordable and novel clinical solutions designed to improve mobility and function, announced on Thursday a new...

SaeboFlex Helps Client Regain Hand Function 23 Years After Stroke

Stroke survivor exhibits remarkable improvement in hand function more than two decades after stroke, disproving theories that recovery window is limited to 6 months. Charlotte, N.C. – Tuesday, July 25,...
Armeos Enso With Saebomas Mini

Hocoma and Saebo Partner to Deliver Compact, Affordable Rehabilitation Solution for Upper Extremities

ZURICH, Switzerland and CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – July 17, 2017. Hocoma and Saebo today announced a partnership to improve the training possibilities for patients with moderate to mild impairments of...

Saebo Announces FDA Clearance of SaeboVR - World’s First Virtual ADL Rehabilitation System

Leader in unique, affordable technologies for individuals suffering from impaired mobility and function releases a virtual ADL system to maximize therapy outcomes.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | July 12, 2017CHARLOTTE, N.C. – ...
SaeboGlove, Patent for SaeboGlove, Saebo Awarded Patent for SaeboGlove, Saebo Inc. Awarded Patent for SaeboGlove

Saebo, Inc. Awarded Patent for Low-Profile Stroke Recovery Glove

Internationally renowned stroke rehabilitation company, Saebo, Inc. was recently awarded a patent for the SaeboGlove, a revolutionary post-stroke hand rehabilitation device.  CHARLOTTE, N.C. – July 6, 2017 – Saebo, Inc.,...

Saebo, Inc. Launches New Stimulation Device for Arm and Hand Recovery

SaeboStim Micro equips users with world’s smallest stimulator to work towards mobility and function Charlotte, N.C. – Saebo, Inc. announces today the official launch of the SaeboStim Micro, innovation created...

Saebo, Inc. Launches New Device to Treat Foot Drop

Confidence and comfort are one step away with Saebo’s revolutionary foot drop braceCharlotte, N.C. – Saebo, Inc. announces today the official launch of the SaeboStep, a revolutionary, new product created...
Relay Across America

Friday, July 1 kicks off the inaugural bike relay, Miles for Mandy.

Miles for Mandy is a 2,100 mile bike ride from Niagara Falls to Houston, TX in just one week with only six cyclists riding through ten states to raise money...

Saebo, Inc. Launches New Website & Improved SaeboGlove Product

Saebo announces today the official launch of www.www.saebo.com, a new, improved website dedicated to the company’s full product line.
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