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SaeboStim Micro equips users with world’s smallest stimulator to work towards mobility and function

Charlotte, N.C. – Saebo, Inc. announces today the official launch of the SaeboStim Micro, innovation created to improve the lives of individuals suffering from impaired neurological function after events like a stroke.

Individuals early in the stroke recovery process only use their involved upper limb less than three and a half hours per day. Moreover, patients undergoing rehabilitation early on receive approximately four minutes of activity-related arm training during therapy.  “The limited stimulation to the affected upper limb leads to further decline in recovery and function,” says Saebo Co-Founder, Henry Hoffman.  “Research shows that providing evidence-based solutions, such as sensory electrical stimulation (SES), to a neurologically impaired client can be beneficial to the recovery process.”

The SaeboStim Micro provides users with exclusive technology including the world’s smallest stimulator. Combining a silver electro-mesh glove and arm sleeve with this one-of-a-kind designed simulator, the SaeboStim Micro provides patients with low-level sensory stimulation. This type of stimulation has seen increases in signals delivered to the brain, leading to increased corticomotor excitability, helping to alleviate the effects of a stroke and other neurological events.  It can be worn both while active or at rest using the proprietary nocturnal program.


Those who worked with SaeboStim Micro in its trial phase experienced success that lasted. Dr. Richard Bohannon, Professor of Physical Therapy at Campbell University, explains: “The SaeboStim intervention lasted only two weeks and resulted in improvements that remained evident weeks later.”

Bohannon’s experience is only one of several positive reviews of the SaeboStim Micro.  Marie-Claude Touchette, a licensed Occupational Therapist with Presence Health, experienced the power of the SaeboStim Micro. “I started working with a patient who could not tolerate even very gentle PROM to his arm, Touchette noted.  “As soon as we started with the SaeboStim Micro, we noticed a decrease in tone. More importantly, though, we noticed a significant decrease in his pain which transformed his recovery.”  Touchette’s patient suffered a stroke while away from home; he received little to no therapy for his arm the first 100 days post-stroke.

With the launch of SaeboStim Micro, clients will be able to improve motor function, decrease spasticity, pain, and swelling, as well as increase sensation.

“It is critical that we continually push the ‘clinical’ envelope and offer neurological clients a successful yet, intensive, routine that will generate the best possible outcome,” says Hoffman. “The SaeboStim Micro is an excellent additional treatment option that can enhance recovery with much-needed stimulation.”


About Saebo, Inc.

Saebo, Inc. is committed to developing unique, affordable, life-changing solutions for individuals suffering from impaired mobility and function. Our research-based products not only empower clinicians to advance their treatment strategies, but also enable clients to live happy, healthy, and more independent lives.  For more information about Saebo, visit us online at www.www.saebo.com.


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