SaeboStim Micro
SaeboStim Micro
SaeboStim Micro
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SaeboStim Micro
SaeboStim Micro

SaeboStim Micro

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Reduce spasticity and re-educate arm and hand muscles using this e-stim machine without lifting a finger. The SaeboStim Micro is ambidextrous and is designed to function on either the left or right hand/arm.

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SaeboStim Micro
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What is the SaeboStim Micro?

  • The SaeboStim Micro provides sensory electrical stimulation (SES) to the arm and hand using a specialized Electro-Mesh Garment. The unique Electro-Mesh material is not only soft and comfortable to wear at rest but also during activities.
  • The garments consist of an elbow sleeve (arm stimulation) and glove (hand stimulation). The material is highly conductive and is made of silver treated nylon fibers blended with Dacron®.
  • The stimulation is delivered into the elbow sleeve and glove by a uniquely designed stimulator.
  • If you are in between sizes, size up.

Enhance, Augment, Intensify.
Improve Hand recovery with added stimulation.

SaeboStim Micro Features

Key ingredients.

SaeboStim Micro Electro Mesh Glove


Electro-Mesh glove provides complete stimulation to the entire hand.

SaeboStim Micro Electro Mesh Sleeve


Electro-Mesh sleeve distributes stimulation over a large portion of the upper arm and elbow.

SaeboStim Micro Electro Stimulator


World’s smallest stimulator offers advanced protocols for day and night-time use.

SaeboStim Micro Electro Stimulator Arm Cuff

Wrist Strap

Stimulator attachment provides quick and convenient access to the unit during activities and at rest.

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