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What is Gravity Compensation?

Weight supported systems assist patients with making more meaningful movements during the rehabilitation process. It counteracts the effects of gravity making it possible for clients to functionally integrate their affected arm during various tasks. Additionally, by “unweighting” the limb, compensation and fatigue are minimized thereby intensifying treatment and driving neural changes.

Why Mobile Arm Supports?

Mobile Arm Supports are gravity supported mechanical devices typically mounted on wheelchairs, tables or base frames. They are used to support the weak upper limb to improve function and movement. These devices allow patients with proximal weakness to perform self-care tasks such as feeding, hygiene, grooming, and writing.

Compensatory and Remedial.

In addition to using mobile arm supports to perform activities of daily living, recent scientific studies have shown that supporting the hemiparetic limb leads to improved motor recovery.

  • Increase strength and coordination
  • Relearn normal movement
  • Reduce abnormal synergy patterns
  • Decrease compensation

Ring Out the Old.

Traditionally, arm training has primarily been performed by the clinician, or caregiver, using manual techniques such as hand-over-hand assistance. More recently, arm training, using zero-gravity devices, have become increasingly popular as a new way to intensify rehabilitation. Regardless of the diagnosis, scientific evidence suggests that intensive therapy is required to make meaningful progress. With Saebo's unweighting technology, clients can now maximize their recovery in the clinic and at home.

Traditional Arm Training

Traditional Arm Training

Therapist providing hand-over-hand assistance to help move the affected arm.

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