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Dr. Wolf Stroke Recovery For Patients
An Update with Dr. Steven Wolf

Stroke Recovery for our Patients

This presentation is designed to discuss several important issues about stroke recovery with those who have had a stroke and their care partners. We talk about the concept of recovery and what it means, review timelines for the recovery process, examine the notion of “spasticity”, and visit the emerging concept of home-based treatment using “telerehabilitation” including what it means for all of us, including clinicians. We briefly explore what the future might look like for your stroke rehabilitation once this pandemic has ended.

Stroke Home Therapy & Telerehabilitation
What You Need To Know

Stroke Home Therapy and Telerehabilitation

This 45-minute presentation by Saebo’s Co-Founder, Henry Hoffman, will review key ways on how to implement an effective stroke home therapy program utilizing various evidence-based strategies. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, patients are forced to stay home leading to a possible decline in strength and function. Collectively, we can avoid this through various practical solutions that are available now.

Improving Upper Extremity Motor Recovery

Saebo Product Line Overview

This 1-hour presentation introduces you to cutting-edge novel rehabilitation technology designed for neurologically impaired individuals. Saebo's comprehensive neuro product line is discussed including dynamic functional orthoses (SaeboGlove / SaeboFlex / SaeboReach), zero-gravity mobile arm support (SaeboMAS), EMG/biofeedback triggered stimulation (SaeboMyoTrac Infiniti), upper limb virtual reality training (SaeboVR and SaeboReJoyce) and splinting for contractures (SaeboStretch). This introductory video will be your first step in creating a comprehensive evidence-based neuro treatment program for all of your client's needs.

SaeboStim Micro Webinar
Sensory Electrical Stimulation

Using the SaeboStim Micro

Impaired function from a neurological injury such as stroke may result in both sensory and motor deficits. Limited use of the hand or arm can typically lead to impaired sensory communication to the brain (touch, feel, aware of joint movement). Research shows that sensory electrical stimulation (SES) can be an effective treatment strategy for improving sensory and motor function. The SaeboStim Micro provides SES to the arm and hand using a specialized Electro-Mesh Garment. Saebo's Co-Founder, Henry Hoffman, discusses the benefits and features of the newly released SaeboStim Micro.

Effectiveness of Mobile Arm Support Devices

The Effectiveness of Upper Limb Gravity Compensation Using a Mobile Arm Support

Weight supported systems assist patients with making more meaningful movements during the rehabilitation process. It counteracts the effects of gravity making it possible for clients to functionally integrate their affected arm during various tasks. Additionally, by “unweighting” the limb, compensation and fatigue are minimized thereby intensifying treatment and driving neural changes. Mobile Arm Supports are gravity supported mechanical devices typically mounted on wheelchairs, tables or base frames. They are used to support the weak upper limb to improve function and movement. This presentation will review the principles of unweighting the upper limb using the SaeboMAS and will introduce the new SaeeboMAS mini.

You're Saebo Trained! Now What?

You're Saebo Trained. Now What?

Whether you are a newly trained therapist, or were certified several years ago, this presentation is packed with useful and valuable information that can help you and your clinic become more successful with the Saebo program.

Join Saebo's Co-Founder, Henry Hoffman, as he addresses numerous topics that are commonly discussed following the certification.

• Getting started with treatment
• Order process
• Reimbursement
• Documentation
• Marketing to your community
• Free trials
• How to educate your clients about Saebo
• SaeboGlove updates

Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti Webinar

What is Biofeedback-Triggered Stimulation?

This brief presentation will review and discuss evidence-based practice pertaining to electrotherapy as well as describe the main features of the Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti including biofeedback, electrical stimulation, EMG-triggered stimulation, and Reciprocal EMG-triggered Stimulation.

Introducing the SaeboStim One
Introduction to SaeboStim One

Wireless, Wearable Electrical Stimulation for Shoulder Subluxation and More!

This presentation will introduce you to the SaeboStim One, Saebo's wireless, wearable electrical stimulation device for shoulder subluxation and other neurological and orthopedic diagnoses.

Introducing the SaeboMAS / MAS mini
Introducing the SaeboMAS and SaeboMAS mini

Zero-gravity mobile arm supports designed for customer independence

This presentation will introduce you to the best mobile arm support on the market. Specifically designed to deweight the arm, the SaeboMAS and SaeboMAS mini is designed to allow maximal range of motion with minimal effort. The adjustable tension system allows an individual to have as much or as little support as needed. This is like having an extra pair of therapist hands assisting the arm with movement.

Introducing the SaeboStim Micro
Introducing the SaeboStim Micro

A sensory stimulation device for cortical sensory priming during the day or night.

This presentation will introduce you to the SaeboStim Micro; a wearable sensory electrical stimulation (SES) unit designed to stimulate the hand and the arm using comfortable Electro-Mesh garments. These garments consist of a glove (hand stimulation) and an elbow sleeve (arm stimulation). The material is highly conductive and is made of silver treated nylon fibers blended with Dacron®. Clients suffering from impaired function, weakness and spasticity can benefit from the much-needed stimulation.

Introducing the SaeboVR
Introducing the SaeboVR

The world's first ADL virtual reality system

This presentation will introduce you to the SaeboVR, a simulated ADL-based rehabilitation system designed to engage the client in both physical and cognitive challenges involving daily living tasks (ADLs and IADLs). It is an engaging, customizable system with varying difficulty levels, different avatars, and a clinician dashboard for tracking objective measurements.

Introducing the SaeboGlove
Introducing the SaeboGlove

A low-profile orthosis for increasing functional use of your hands!

This presentation will introduce you to the SaeboGlove, a low-profile orthosis designed to help people with mild spasticity or hand extensor weakness use their hand functionally. This orthosis is highly customizable with adjustable tension loops for every joint of the hand (MCPs, PIPs, DIPs). This revolutionary device can take someone who has limited or no use of their hand, and help them be functional directly after placing on the SaeboGlove.

Introducing the SaeboFlex / Reach
Introducing the SaeboFlex and the SaeboReach

Dynamic, functional orthosis for people with upper extremity spasticity.

This presentation will introduce you to the award winning SaeboFlex and SaeboReach. These unique devices help people with mild to severe tone or spasticity perform grasp and release with their hands. The spring tension system helps users extend their fingers to release objects after purposefully flexing their fingers to grasp them. The SaeboFlex was designed to help people with hand dysfunction, while the SaeboReach helps people with hand and elbow dysfunction return to purposeful activities with their hand. Someone who hasn't used their hand in years can grasp and release objects the first time they put it on.

Introducing the Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti
Introducing the Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti

A high-tech biofeedback-triggered electrical stimulation device.

This presentation will introduce you to the Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti, a revolutionary, total-body electrical stimulation therapy system. This device has four distinct evidence-based programs that include: EMG/Biofeedback, Electrical Stimulation (NMES), EMG Triggered Electrical Stimulation (ETS), and Reciprocal EMG Triggered Electrical Stimulation. The Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti is designed to take advantage of electrotherapy modalities aimed at increasing muscle mass, strength, and/or decreasing and managing tone and spasticity.

Introducing the Saebo Hand Treatment Kit

Introducing the Saebo Hand Treatment Kit

This presentation will introduce you to the Saebo Hand Treatment Kit. The Saebo Hand Treatment Kit is a comprehensive, upper extremity collection designed to treat acute and chronic neurological conditions throughout the continuum of care. Whether in a hospital or clinic, this all-in-one kit allows clinicians to intensify their treatment by addressing hand function, sensorimotor deficits, spasticity, soft-tissue management, subluxation, pain, and edema.

Introducing the Saebo Mirror Box & SaeboGlide
Introducing the Saebo Mirror Box and SaeboGlide

Two inexpensive, essential training tools for any therapy program.

This presentation will introduce you to the Saebo Mirror Box and SaeboGlide; mental and physical tools shown to improve any therapy program. Mirror therapy and physical therapy interventions are widely known for being great adjuncts to a therapy routine, but most therapists do not use mirror box therapy or other strengthening tools other than therapeutic rubber bands or weights.

Introducing the SaeboStretch
Introducing the SaeboStretch

A dynamic resting hand splint like no other!

This presentation will introduce you to the SaeboStretch, a comfortable, dynamic resting hand splint designed to prevent joint damage, maintain bone alignment, and improve range of motion. This splint’s dynamic energy-storing plates allow wearers to perform volitional movement with increased tone or finger flexion and then return to a comfortable resting position when their hand relaxes.

Fostering Patient Compliance at Home

Fostering Patient Compliance While at Home presented by Dr. Steven Wolf

As therapists dedicated to improving the function of our patients with stroke, we have already identified a need to spend more time overseeing exercise programs performed in the home. This situation has now been made even more difficult as a result of this most unfortunate pandemic. With these realities in mind, this presentation addresses important questions that most of us must ponder as we work with our patients in their homes. In this presentation, we discuss the extent to which home-based therapy will persist, how outcomes might need to be interpreted or transmitted, defining the role of care partners, optimizing ways in which we can continuously challenge our patients, and examining the present and future role of telerehabilitation.

Introducing the SaeboStep
Introducing the SaeboStep

The replacement for bulky, uncomfortable AFOs.

This presentation will introduce you to the revolutionary SaeboStep, an external, affordable AFO designed for an alternative to traditional foot drop AFOs. This orthosis uses the same tightening system as found on ski boots and offers the wearer the option to wear it with almost any type of shoe.

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