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Hosted By Henry Hoffman

The Podcast for Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors

Henry Hoffman, licensed Occupational Therapist and Co-founder of Saebo Inc., always believed there was no such thing as “plateauing” in stroke recovery and traumatic brain injury recovery.

When survivors stop seeing progress in their recovery journey, they’re often told that they’ve “plateaued” and have no choice but to accept this reality. If you ask Hoffman, he’ll tell you this – “It’s not the patient that plateaus, it’s their treatment options that do.” It’s why he co-founded Saebo on the mantra “No Plateau in Sight.” So, how exactly can survivors keep pushing to overcome the fate of plateau in their recovery journey?

Henry is on a mission to speak to anyone and everyone out there defying the norm in stroke rehab. This is the No Plateau Podcast – the podcast for stroke and brain injury survivors, their caregivers, and the therapists helping them to break boundaries in their recovery journey.

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