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Confidence and comfort are one step away with Saebo’s revolutionary foot drop brace
Charlotte, N.C. – Saebo, Inc. announces today the official launch of the SaeboStep, a revolutionary, new product created to improve impaired foot mobility and function. The SaeboStep provides users with a slimmed down, lightweight and uniquely-designed foot drop brace that replaces bulky uncomfortable splints used in the past.
The National Institute of Neurological Disorders defines foot drop, also known as dropped foot or drop foot, as “the inability to raise the front part of the foot due to weakness or paralysis of the muscles that lift the foot.” Diseases that can cause foot drop include stroke, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, among others. Foot drop may also occur as a result of hip replacement surgery or knee ligament reconstruction surgery. ORC International, an independent research firm, recently discovered that 99% of American adults with foot drop do not wear a brace that would help them walk normally.

With its unique low-profile closure design, the SaeboStep can be worn with a variety of male and female shoes, with or without laces, making foot mobility and function more possible than ever.

“For decades, clients have complained about the discomfort, appearance, and shoe limitations traditional foot drop braces offer,” says Saebo Co-Founder Henry Hoffman. “We feel these concerns are not only valid but unnecessary for many clients.”
Launched in January 2017, the SaeboStep is an inexpensive, yet high quality product, which will work to regain mobility in the patient’s legs and aid with walking. Made from strong, durable Spectra cord and a dial made from Boa technology, the SaeboStep equips its users with a fully adjustable and supportive brace.   “With this simple-to-use dial technology, clients can quickly adjust the lift angle, one-handed, to the appropriate degree for safe foot clearance during walking as well as release tension at any given time if needed,” Hoffman states.
The much-anticipated release of the SaeboStep comes right on the heels of Saebo’s 10-year anniversary. Over the last ten years, Saebo has grown into a leading global provider of rehabilitative products. Saebo has helped approximately 200,000 clients regain function; they are growing this commitment to patient care, affordability, and accessibility with new products like the SaeboStep.
About Saebo, Inc.
Saebo, Inc. is committed to developing unique, affordable, life-changing solutions for individuals suffering from impaired mobility and function. Our research-based products not only empower clinicians to advance their treatment strategies, but also enable clients to live happy, healthy, and more independent lives.

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