Saebo Mirror Box
Saebo Mirror Box
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Saebo Mirror Box
Saebo Mirror Box
Saebo Mirror Box
Saebo Mirror Box

Saebo Mirror Box

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Innovative and Practical Design. Geared for one-handed operation.

  • The Saebo Mirror Box is a simple and effective therapy tool used to treat motor dysfunction.
  • It is a form of motor imagery in which a mirror is used to process visual feedback about motor performance of the unaffected body part as it performs various movements.
  • It is primarily used to speed up and improve motor function after stroke and other neurological disorders.



3 reviews for Saebo Mirror Box

  1. Coy

    I loved it. It went well. It made my left hand go, and I felt like the right hand was part of it as well.

  2. Cathy M.

    Our father is still working on improving the movement of his right hand. The thumb is starting to move so he should really get results with the mirror box. The mirror box has helped with his focus. When we add music to the mirror box therapy it keeps him on task.

  3. Katie


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