SaeboStim One

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Wireless, wearable e-stim unit that works to strengthen and re-educate muscles. Includes one wing, one pack of gel pads (3 sets per pack), and one control unit.

Replace Gel Pads every 10-12 uses for maximum stimulation and save 20% when you purchase replacements now!
SaeboStim Go
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SaeboStim One Replacement Gel Pads
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Sleek. Simple. State-of-the-Art.

  • The SaeboStim One, a wireless electrical stimulation device, is designed to prevent or reduce muscle weakness by strengthening the affected muscles.
  • The affordable and compact device works by delivering electrical signals through its wireless electrodes to the targeted affected muscle groups.
  • The SaeboStim One complements the Saebo program. Whether applying the stimulation before or after the Saebo treatment or combining stimulation with other Saebo technology, providing multiple evidence-based treatment solutions can enhance overall functional recovery.

Wireless Wearable Stimulation.
Motor recovery perfected for a modern world.

SaeboStim Go Features

Key ingredients.

SaeboStim Go Compact Controller

Compact Controller

State-of-the-art technology offering only one preset program.

SaeboStim Go Flexible Wing

Flexible Wings

Ultra-thin, rotating wings are fully adjustable which allows for unlimited electrode positioning.

SaeboStim Go Silver Treated

Silver Treated

Laser printed silver conductive surface to provide an unmatched quality of stimulation.

SaeboStim Go Gel Pads

Gel Pads

High quality, reusable peel and stick gel pads.

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