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Would I recommend the SaeboReach to someone else in a similar position? Absolutely!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


Two years ago, I had a stroke, and I lost function on the right side of my body. As a retired farmer, every task became difficult; my recovery process in the rehabilitation home where I was recovering was slow.

My hand had been placed into a splint to try and prevent it from contracting into a fist; until the force of my hand literally broke the splint in half. We weren’t entirely sure what the next step in my recovery would be.

Then, my occupational therapist learned about the SaeboReach at a conference; she ordered one for me via Saebo’s Test Drive program. With my occupational therapist’s help and the SaeboReach, I started to make steady progress towards regaining the use of my hand.

I can now drive with my right hand, turn the radio on and screw nuts and bolts together. As simple as these tasks might seem, being able to screw nuts and bolts together is important to me as a beat-up, old farmer who has to be able to use his hands every day. In that sense, the SaeboReach has allowed me to get back to work.

Would I recommend the SaeboReach to someone else in a similar position? Absolutely; I would infinitely recommend it.

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