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The fact of the matter is that I have made more progress in therapy using my SaeboFlex for one year than I did in the previous 30 years of convalescence from my stroke.
I experienced my massive and severe stroke at age 15 on December 9, 1979. My left hand, while flaccid, was little more than a paperweight. I had begrudgingly accepted the would-be reality that I would never use my left hand again as I was secure in the knowledge that I had experienced too much damage from my stroke, especially at a young age. I was not depressed over this but rather was resigned to these would-be facts of life for myself.

And then I attended a Saebo screening session that would determine if I was a candidate to use the SaeboFlex. As soon as I slipped on the device, I felt life returning to my left hand.
Today, not only have I regained the ability to pick up coins with my left hand after only a few months of training with my SaeboFlex, but my overall quality of life has increased greatly as well. My knowledgeable Saebo-trained therapists have been a delight to work with and are truly inspirational.
In addition to being ambitious and progressive, Saebo training programs are realistic. Starting out on a training regime that is ill-developed or unrealistic serves no purpose and indeed is detrimental. The Saebo training programs are devised in such a way that all patients can progress at their own rate.
Saebo has a motto of ‘No plateau in Sight’. No truer words have ever been spoken.
John Humphrey

Whether you are a caregiver, occupational therapist or even a stroke survivor yourself, Saebo provides stroke survivors young or old access to transformative and life-changing products. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, easily accessible, and cutting-edge solutions to people suffering from impaired mobility and function. We have several products to help with the stroke recovery and rehabilitation process.  From the SaeboFlex, which allows clients to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy or at home, to the SaeboMAS, an unweighting device used to assist the arm with daily living tasks and exercise training, we are commitment to helping create innovative products for stroke recovery.  Check out all of our product offerings or let us help you find which product is right for you.

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