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One month after celebrating my 30th birthday, I found myself coping with the aftermath of a stroke that had significantly impaired the upper left side of my body. Unable to move my affected arm and hand on command, everyday tasks such as opening a bag of cereal, tying my shoes, or carrying groceries suddenly became impossible. That is until my therapist introduced me to the SaeboFlex.

This is when my true recovery began.
At first, my therapist was unsure if I had the muscle strength and control necessary to properly use the SaeboFlex. Together we decided it was worth a try, and I’ve never looked back! I threw myself into rehab with my SaeboFlex, working with it twice a day for forty-five minutes, and the results I witnessed were incredible! The first time I used the SaeboFlex I felt so empowered! Here I was using my lifeless, flaccid hand and arm again! Physically it was exhilarating and truly felt so healing to be using that space in my brain where the damage had occurred from my stroke. It seemed like I could literally feel that place in my brain awakening and it was emotionally so satisfying to do the exercises...even a bit meditative at some points. I felt like my Hope was restored and the light in my eyes and smile slowly came back to me because I was feeling so much satisfaction and accomplishment from doing the Saebo exercises daily.
Today, I have controlled, individual finger movement in my left hand and my arm is as strong as ever. I have returned to work and am able to pursue my passion of lifting weights and practicing yoga.
The SaeboFlex restored my spirit in so many ways and literally put the life back into the parts of my body that had been silenced by stroke. At the beginning of my recovery, I hoped for any small improvement. The SaeboFlex helped me attain the goals I wanted to achieve - and more.

Whether you are a caregiver, occupational therapist or even a stroke survivor yourself, Saebo  provides stroke survivors young or old access to transformative and life changing products. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, easily accessible, and cutting-edge solutions to people suffering from impaired mobility and function. We have several products to help with the stroke recovery and rehabilitation process.  From the SaeboFlex, which allows clients to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy or at home, to the SaeboMAS, an unweighting device used to assist the arm during daily living tasks and exercise training, we are commitment to helping create innovative products for stroke recovery.  Check out all of our product offerings or let us help you find which product is right for you.

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