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“After learning to put on and take off my SaeboFlex independently, it opened up a large window of opportunity to use my left hand functionally at home, on my own. The SaeboFlex gave me the ability to grasp and release various items with my affected hand. Being able to wear the SaeboFlex more often during the day seemed to aid the muscle tone in my wrist and hand to become more balanced.
Even after taking the SaeboFlex off, my hand remained in a more neutral position. I have also noticed improved sensation, especially in the fingertips of my affected hand. I also found I have greater feeling in my affected hand when manipulating items. The SaeboFlex has provided me with huge encouragement that my hand will come back; it has facilitated a great stretch for my fingers and has helped them to stay loose. This device has absolutely provided a very positive and hopeful experience in my rehabilitation journey overall.”
Shaun Dobbin
BC, Canada
Left side hemiparesis stroke, Nov 17, 2015

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