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I was diagnosed with Toxic Acute Progressive Leukoencephalopathy before I reached stage four I started to suffer from Locked-In Syndrome. After I endured six months of hospice and slowly began to come back to life. I overheard some occupational therapists talking about some sort of dynamic splint. I knew that my hands were so contracted that I could not even utilize them. As my hands began to open up, I searched to try to figure out what these were called. Yes! They were SAEBO! I begin seeing a neurological occupational therapist at MGH to trial them. I have already noticed a difference in my ability to relearn a proper pincer grasp. I got my own Saebo Splints bilaterally this week!
- Jacob H.
Here are some videos documenting some of my experiences with Saebo. By the way, I edit all of these videos by myself with my own hands:

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