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Clinical Presentations

Saebo Product Line Overview

This 1-hour presentation introduces you to cutting-edge novel rehabilitation technology designed for neurologically impaired individuals. Saebo's comprehensive neuro product line is discussed including dynamic functional orthoses (SaeboGlove/SaeboFlex/SaeboReach), zero-gravity mobile arm support (SaeboMAS), EMG/biofeedback triggered stimulation (Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti), upper limb virtual reality training (SaeboVR and SaeboReJoyce) and splinting for contractures (SaeboStretch). This introductory video will be your first step in creating a comprehensive evidence-based neuro treatment program for all of your client's needs.

Sensory Electrical Stimulation Using the SaeboStim Micro

Impaired function from a neurological injury such as stroke may result in both sensory and motor deficits. Limited use of the hand or arm can typically lead to impaired sensory communication to the brain (touch, feel, aware of joint movement). Research shows that sensory electrical stimulation (SES) can be an effective treatment strategy for improving sensory and motor function. The SaeboStim Micro provides SES to the arm and hand using a specialized Electro-Mesh Garment. Saebo's Co-Founder, Henry Hoffman, discusses the benefits and features of the newly released SaeboStim Micro.

The Effectiveness of Upper Limb Gravity Compensation Using a Mobile Arm Support

Weight supported systems assist patients with making more meaningful movements during the rehabilitation process. It counteracts the effects of gravity making it possible for clients to functionally integrate their affected arm during various tasks. Additionally, by “unweighting” the limb, compensation and fatigue are minimized thereby intensifying treatment and driving neural changes. Mobile Arm Supports are gravity supported mechanical devices typically mounted on wheelchairs, tables or base frames. They are used to support the weak upper limb to improve function and movement. This presentation will review the principles of unweighting the upper limb using the SaeboMAS and will introduce the new SaeeboMAS mini.

You're Saebo Trained. Now What?

Whether you are a newly trained therapist, or were certified several years ago, this presentation is packed with useful and valuable information that can help you and your clinic become more successful with the Saebo program.

Join Saebo's Co-Founder, Henry Hoffman, as he addresses numerous topics that are commonly discussed following the certification.

  • Getting started with treatment
  • Order process
  • Reimbursement
  • Documentation
  • Marketing to your community
  • Free trials
  • How to educate your clients about Saebo
  • SaeboGlove updates

What is Biofeedback-Triggered Stimulation?

This brief presentation will review and discuss evidence-based practice pertaining to electrotherapy as well as describe the main features of the Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti including biofeedback, electrical stimulation, EMG-triggered stimulation, and Reciprocal EMG-triggered Stimulation.

September Webinar Update! Due to technical difficulties during yesterday's SaeboStim Micro webinar, we are hosting...