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Have you suffered from a stroke or a neurological injury?

With help from Saebo products, you can make meaningful progress during your recovery. Saebo provides all the necessary tools to maximize your recovery!


From the people

From the people

I was able to regain mobility in my affected hand and arm and eventually regain full function.
— AnnaMaria Baraglia
No Plateau Podcast

Navigating Spasticity Treatment with Dr. Milton

The topic of today's discussion is spasticity treatment after stroke, a condition affecting up to 40% of first-time stroke patients. Our guest, Dr. Samuel Milton, specializes in this treatment and offers invaluable tips to patients and therapists. According to him, spasticity treatment after stroke requires clear objectives, cautious consideration of treatment options, and proper aftercare techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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No Plateau Podcast

We are on a mission to speak to anyone and everyone out there defying the norm in stroke rehab. This is the No Plateau Podcast – the podcast for stroke and brain injury survivors, their caregivers, and the therapists helping them to break boundaries in their recovery journey.

SaeboMind Mental Practices

An audio collection of guided mental practice and imagery exercises used as a treatment tool for motor recovery after stroke and other forms of neurological injury.

Free Downloadable Exercise Guide

Remember, a full recovery is only possible if you take direct action to reclaim function in the months and years that follow. By following an exercise program that targets specific areas and functions, you can reclaim your coordination, strength, and range of motion throughout your body.

Saebo has been a world wide leader in stroke rehabilitation since 2004.

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