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  • Co-Inventor/Co-Founder
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Masters in Occupational Therapy

Graduated from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY in 1997 with a Masters degree in occupational therapy. Since graduation, he has worked in a variety of settings including home health, acute, sub-acute, and outpatient rehab. Prior to leaving Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in New York, he worked as a clinical specialist in orthopedic medicine and manual therapy of the upper quadrant. Henry left Burke in the fall of 2002 to co-launch Saebo.

Henry Hoffman, MS, OTR/L

About Henry Hoffman

Neurorehabilitation was a frustrating field in recent past due to this common belief by many health professionals that patients have "reached a plateau" or "no further gains can be made". It was my belief that it was not the patient that had plateaued, but rather the treatment options. Our slogan, "No Plateau in Sight," was inspired by this mentality as we believed further functional gains can be made with innovative and revolutionary concepts.

Since the birth of Saebo, we have witnessed therapists' excitement with offering new treatment options to their patients. In addition, patients who were 20 years post-stroke have realized progress and have gained the ability to do everyday tasks they had not been able to do for decades. We take pride in re-inspiring a profession and giving patients real tangible results and hope.

To be an inventor on the forefront of an industry, you must develop products that are revolutionary, not just evolutionary. Taking an industry, especially healthcare and medical treatment, to another level requires getting the industry to change behaviors and mindsets.

Saebo also believes that treatment can and should be affordable. We are pleased to offer the healthcare industry affordable products that are reimbursed by most insurance companies including Medicare. By allowing neurological patients easy access to our innovative products, further functional gains can be made impacting his or her overall quality of life.

Saebo's name is an acronym for my grandmother "Sarah Eileen Booth". Her entire life was dedicated to providing a hand to others in need. Our company mission is to match her spirit, dedication, and desire to help others.

Licenses and Certifications

  • National Certification - National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
  • South Carolina Board of Occupational Therapy - South Carolina Licensed Occupational Therapist

Honors & Awards

  • SaeboFlex on Display at the Science Museum in London
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Most Valuable Product


  • M.S. Occupational Therapy - D'Youville College, Buffalo, NY
  • B.S. Occupational Therapy - D'Youville College, Buffalo, NY

Past Experience

  • 2019 Launched SaeboStim One, Mental Practice App, SaeboStim Pro, and Saebo Mirror Box
  • 2017 Launched the SaeboVR
  • 2013 - Launched the SaeboReJoyce.
  • 2012 - Invented Reciprocal EMG Triggered Stimulation and launched the Saebo Myotrac Infiniti.
  • 2011 - Co-invented the SaeboMAS.
  • 2004-2010 - Trained and educated nationally and internationally on Saebo programs and rehabilitation innovations.
  • 2004 - Directed expansion and rebranding of company to new name, Saebo, Inc.
  • 2003 - Co-launched the current education training program for therapists and orthotists.
  • 2002 - Co-invented SaeboFlex (formerly known as FTM Orthosis) and launched arm training program.
  • 2001 - Established Affordable Therapy Equipment to distribute and market the SaeboGlide.
  • 2001 - Inspired to create the SaeboGlide while working with a 13-year-old cerebral palsy patient.
  • 2000 - Began working with stroke patients and was frustrated with the lack of treatment options available for this population.
  • 1997-2002 - Worked in a variety of clinical settings including home health, acute and sub-acute, outpatient rehabilitation, orthopedic/sports medicine and manual therapy.
  • 1997 - Graduated M.S. and B.S. in Occupational Therapy.


  • Orthotic Splint
    Issued Nov 23, 2017 • Patent Number US 2017/0333242 A1
  • Dynamic Hand Splints
    Issued Sep 19, 2017 • Patent Number US 9,764,190 B2
  • Orthotic Device
    Issued Sep 12, 2017 • Patent Number US 9,757,266 B2
  • Splint Assembly for Positioning of the Hand (Continuing of Application 8,070, 702)
    Issued Jul 22, 2014 • Patent Number US 8,784,348 B2
  • Dynamic Hand Splints (Continuing of Application 7,892,194)
    Issued Feb 21, 2011 • Patent Number US 8,328,744 B2
  • Dynamic Hand Splint (Continuing of Application 7,601,130)
    Issued Sep 3, 2009 • Patent Number US 8,328,743 B2
  • Orthotic Device Spanning Elbow
    Issued Dec 5, 2008 • Patent Number US 8,216,168 B2
  • Dynamic Splint Assembly
    Issued Nov 18, 2008 • Patent Number US D608,895 S
  • Splint Assembly for Positioning of the Hand
    Issued Oct 14, 2008 • Patent Number US 8,070,702 B2
  • Dynamic Splint Assembly
    Issued Jun 30, 2007 • Patent Number JP 5037361
  • Dynamic Splint Assemblies
    Issued Dec 30, 2005 • Patent Number US 7,458,947 B2
  • Dynamic Splint Assembly
    Issued Dec 30, 2005 • Patent Number EU 1841686
  • Dynamic Hand Splints
    Issued Dec 12, 2005 • Patent Number 7,892,194 B2
  • Dynamic Hand Splint (Continuing of Application 7,001, 352)
    Issued Aug 24, 2005 • Patent Number US 7,601,130 B2
  • Magnetic Writing Apparatus
    Issued Mar 15, 2003 • Patent Number US 6,854,913 B2
  • Dynamic Resting Hand Splint
    Issued Feb 25, 2003 • Patent Number US 7,001,352
  • Arm Exercise Therapy Device
    Issued Apr 6, 2002 • Patent Number US 6,702,725 B2


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