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The SaeboStep is the best brace I have used…I actually WANT to put it on!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Tracy Monhart

I have had MS for 17 years and walk with a cane because I suffer from severe right foot drop. The first day I received the SaeboStep I had planned a weekend in Atlantic City so I thought that would be as good a time as any to try it. I used it at the airports and walking in the casinos. Needless to say, it was a lot of steps and walking for me. The SaeboStep was easy to use and adjust and helped me to walk better, therefore saving more energy.

In the past, I have used a carbon steel AFO brace that slides into my shoe. I used it sometimes, but not all the time because of discomfort. It was also hard to find a shoe to slide it into. I also bought a Bioness electronic brace for over $600. This was okay but after a while, I got a lot of skin irritation under the electrodes. I could really only wear it a few hours a day, but I needed to wear it all day. Plus, I had to find wider pants to fit over the brace.

The SaeboStep is reasonably priced and I am very pleased with it. Actually, it’s the best brace that I have used so far. I am actually using it every day! Anytime that I am getting ready to leave the house I think to put it on. I actually WANT to put it on. To be honest I had hesitated to order it because I thought to myself, “Oh another expensive gadget that won’t work. Am I just looking for a magic trick only to be disappointed?” I am glad that you offered the risk free trial because I probably wouldn’t have ordered it otherwise. Thank you Saebo!

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