SaeboMAS mini


*Add pronation and supination module for an additional $399

Overcome gravity at home with this mini mobile arm support device designed to help you perform everyday tasks by facilitating movement in your weakened arm and shoulder.

The SaeboMAS mini (a zero-gravity Mobile Arm Support) provides you freedom to move your arm in any direction despite weakness or spasticity. NOW receive virtual training from a Saebo Clinician with every purchase.
Each SaeboMAS mini comes with a table mount, 2 different arm cuffs, hand and elbow attachments, and accessories. For additional support in rotating your forearm and hand, select the option with the Pro/Sup attachment.

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Maximize Function Post Stroke. Improve strength and control.

The SaeboMAS mini is a lightweight, zero gravity, dynamic mobile arm support that challenges and assists the weakened shoulder and elbow during functional tasks. This compact device was specifically designed for clients suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions resulting in shoulder and elbow weakness.

The SaeboMAS mini is the ideal home program solution to assist with improving strength, motor recovery, and independence. Clients will be able to perform functional exercises with greater ease and minimal compensation. Additionally, this personal device allows for enhanced independence for self-care, leisure or occupational tasks like using a computer, eating, drinking, or grooming.

  • Performing exercises with minimal compensation, as well as self-care tasks such as eating or drinking, are just a few of the activities patients will be able to achieve with Saebo’s unweighting technology.
  • Additionally, patients with proximal weakness can now participate in proven treatment techniques, like task-oriented activities, that would have otherwise been difficult or impossible.

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