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SaeboMAS mini


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Regain your ability to perform everyday tasks at home with this mini mobile arm support device designed to help facilitate movement in your weakened arm and shoulder.

  • For neurological and orthopedic patients.
  • Designed for home use.
  • Increase motor control, strength, and range of motion.
  • Adjustable tension levels and height.
  • Can be used sitting or standing.

The SaeboMAS mini is a zero-gravity Mobile Arm Support that allows stroke survivors to move their arm in any direction despite weakness or spasticity. Each SaeboMAS mini comes with a table mount, two different arm cuffs, hand and elbow attachments, accessories, and virtual training from a Saebo Clinician.

Includes our fully articulating arm cuff for additional support in pronation and supination exercises.

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  • A Name You Can Trust – More doctors and hospitals recommend Saebo products for stroke rehabilitation than any other brand.
  • Backed by Research – To maximize recovery following a stroke (or other neurological injury), doctors understand the critical importance of “grasp and release” hand exercises. As the saying goes: “Use it or loose it”.  Using your hand throughout the day and during high-repetition therapy sessions builds new connections in the brain (cortical plasticity) and offsets the negative impacts of neglect (atrophy and spasticty) which can lead to a painful and useless “claw-fist.”Read about exciting new research featuring the SaeboGlove here
  • Patient-Based Design – Our products are developed by doctors and clinicians incorporating years of “hands-on” experience with patients just like you. Here are some of “patient-based” features you’ll find on our unique and patented SaeboGlove design:
  • Free Consultation & Support – The help you need is just a phone call away. Our team is always available to answer questions and offer expert advice.  We’re here for you every step of your recovery journey.
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Maximize Functional Movement. Improve strength and control.

Introducing the SaeboMAS Mini

A lightweight, zero gravity, dynamic mobile arm support. The SaeboMAS mini is the ideal home program solution to assist with improving strength, motor recovery, and independence.

What is the SaeboMAS mini?

The SaeboMAS mini dynamic mobile arm support is a lightweight, zero gravity upper extremity device designed to assist and challenge the weakened shoulder and elbow during functional tasks and repetitive exercise drills. This compact device is for stroke survivors and individuals suffering from neurological or orthopedic conditions resulting in shoulder and elbow weakness.

The SaeboMAS mini is the ideal home program solution to help improve strength, motor recovery, and independence. Patients will be able to perform functional exercises with greater ease and minimal compensation. Additionally, this personal device allows for enhanced freedom for self-care, leisure, or occupational tasks like using a computer, eating, drinking, or grooming.

  • Performing exercises and daily self-care tasks with minimal compensation are just a few of the activities that can be achieved using Saebo’s unweighting technology.
  • Patients with proximal weakness (affecting muscles close to the body’s midline) can now participate in proven treatment techniques, such as task-oriented activities, that would have been difficult or impossible otherwise. The SaeboMAS mini allows for maximum independence with self-care and leisure tasks.

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What is the SaeboMAS?

The SaeboMAS mini is a zero-gravity dynamic mobile arm support system designed to assist and challenge the affected shoulder and elbow during functional tasks. This home-use device is for neurological and orthopedic patients with shoulder and elbow weakness. Stroke recovery patients experience significantly improved range of motion when adding the SaeboMAS mini to their stroke treatment plan.

How does the SaeboMAS mini work?

The device assists the arm during tasks through an adjustable spring system. The spring system allows the affected arm to move throughout all planes of movement. Tension adjustments can be made to incorporate the arm during functional activities effectively. As functional strength improves, the spring support decreases to continue challenging the patient at the appropriate level.

What are the differences between the SaeboMAS mini and the SaeboMAS?

The SaeboMAS mini is a portable and compact version of the standard SaeboMAS. The SaeboMAS is designed primarily for use in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and private clinics. The SaeboMAS mini is more appropriate for home therapy and pediatric rehabilitation.

How does it work?
  • Following a neurological or orthopedic injury, it is common to experience impaired arm and hand function, resulting in decreased strength, coordination, and range of motion. The inability to support or move the arm can hinder the patient from performing exercises necessary for proper recovery.
  • If the arm has limited use, this may lead to impaired communication to the brain, further limiting function and movement following a neurological injury, such as a stroke.
  • Unfortunately, most patients do not receive enough range-of-motion exercises – either during therapy or at home – necessary to retrain the brain and gain functional range of motion. The lack of movement may also lead to increased pain and joint problems, further decreasing the potential for proper arm recovery. For this reason, the SaeboMAS mini is the perfect solution to add to the recovery toolbox.
  • The SaeboMAS mini is a dynamic, zero-gravity mobile arm support system. It removes gravity so the arm is unweighted, allowing for improved movement and function. By allowing the SaeboMAS mini to support the arm, the patient can perform exercises to strengthen the weakened shoulder and elbow. This will enable them to perform highly repetitive exercises and functional tasks that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Since the SaeboMAS mini supports the affected arm during functional tasks and exercises, it reduces the amount of hand-over-hand assistance your therapist or caregiver must provide.
  • The SaeboMAS mini is fully adjustable, offering different levels of assistance depending on how much support you may need. By simply turning a knob, the tension can be adjusted to provide more or less support. This feature is very helpful as recovery may vary at times.
  • The SaeboMAS mini has a graded tension scale that is easily visible, making it easy to  track and measure progress.
  • The SaeboMAS mini is height adjustable, allowing patients to perform exercises and tasks in many directions and on many planes.
  • It comes with a comfortable and bendable forearm support to custom fit and a removable liner for proper infection control.
How do I know it is right for me (or my patient)?

The SaeboMAS mini is designed for individuals who have had injuries that result in:

  • Limited arm movement and function.
  • Shoulder weakness and/or pain.
  • Arm weakness, fatigue and/or pain.

Some diagnoses that may benefit from using the SaeboMAS include but are not limited to:

  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury or brain damage
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • Cerebral palsy (CP)
  • ALS
  • Brachial plexus injuries
  • Shoulder injuries / Shoulder dislocations
  • Elbow injuries

The onset of the injury does not prevent someone from receiving Saebo treatment. Whether the client just had a stroke or orthopedic injury, or if he or she suffered an injury years ago, the SaeboMAS mini can be of great benefit.

What can I (or my patient) expect?
  • Because of the zero-gravity technology, once the patient is positioned in the SaeboMAS mini, they will immediately notice their arm feels less heavy, and the movement is more controlled.
  • A weightless arm means less fatigue and compensation and fewer rest breaks during exercises.
  • When the arm is unweighted, less effort and exertion are needed, resulting in decreased spasticity in the hand. This may be important when attempting to perform self-care tasks involving the affected hand.
  • A therapist is not needed to order the SaeboMAS mini.
  • Like all medical treatments, the level of recovery cannot be guaranteed; however, clients who are motivated and compliant with the daily home program tend to have better outcomes.

Questions/comments for the client:

  • How are you spending your day training your arm and hand?
  • Are you moving/exercising your arm/shoulder enough?
  • Do you have to rely on someone else in order to exercise your arm?
  • Are you limited to only performing important exercises while at therapy?

Zero-gravity support for improved function.

  • Compact design is perfect for home use or smaller private clinics.
  • Adjustable spring-based system offers various levels of assistance.
  • Incorporates all planes of movement to achieve multi-directional range of motion.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Includes a portable table mount.
  • Comfortable and malleable forearm support with removable liners for cleaning.
  • Lightweight and portable.


The SaeboMAS mini is designed for individuals who have had injuries that result in:

  • Limited arm movement and function.
  • Shoulder weakness and/or pain.
  • Arm weakness, fatigue and/or pain.

The onset of the injury does not prevent someone from receiving Saebo treatment. Whether the patient recently had a stroke or orthopedic injury or suffered an injury years ago, the SaeboMAS mini can be of great benefit.


Individuals who may not be appropriate for the SaeboMAS mini typically exhibit one or more of the following:

  • Severe shoulder and/or elbow pain.
  • Acute shoulder and/or elbow fractures.

Gravity Compensation. Unweight the arm and regain independence.

Gravity-supported, weight-supported, zero-gravity, and gravity-compensated are synonymous. It means counteracting the effects of gravity while facilitating and promoting functional movement. Unloading or ‘resting’ the arm improves independence during daily living tasks and may increase motor recovery by relearning normal movement patterns. Performing exercises and self-care tasks, such as eating or drinking, with minimal compensation are just a few of the activities you will be able to perform with Saebo’s unweighting technology.

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