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How to Improve Flaccid Hand Function in 5 Easy Steps

Henry Hoffman
Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Watch the video below to see how you can improve function in a flaccid hand in just 5 easy steps, using Saebo’s innovative rehabilitation technology. The video features a patient with NO finger flexion and NO finger extension prior to applying the Saebo devices. You won’t believe the results!

Step 1: Apply electrical stimulation to the thenar/hypothenar and long finger flexors.

Step 2: Apply the SaeboGlove.

Step 3: Strengthen finger flexors by triggering stimulation while using the SaeboGlove.

Step 4: For continued improvement, use the SaeboGlove (or SaeboFlex) to perform grasp and release tasks with and without electrical stimulation.

Step 5: Strengthen finger extensors while on stretch (initially) to maximize firing.

Research has shown that the SaeboGlove combined with electrical stimulation can improve upper extremity function in subacute stroke patients with little to no hand movement. Through the use of these technologies, clients that exhibit no hand function can immediately obtain functional use very early on. Many clients can go on to make meaningful hand recovery and may no longer require the assistance of these devices long-term.

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