New, Improved SaeboStep Foot Drop Brace: Testimonial

Monday, January 17th, 2022
Last modified on September 13th, 2022

Person wearing SaeboStep adjustable AFO foot drop brace with bands attached to blue sneaker for walking.

The SaeboStep, a wonderful product, that has been greatly improved.

I have been wearing the SaeboStep every day for several years. I have raved about it to many people, including doctors and therapists. For my foot drop situation, nothing else is as convenient. The SaeboStep is light, well-made, strong, unobtrusive, comfortable, and does not affect the fit of my shoes.

Last November, I purchased the new version of the SaeboStep. I was impressed when I saw what the clever engineers at Saebo had done to improve the product while still keeping the price the same. I have not been disappointed. How is it better? The new ankle cuff dial and magnetic fastener make it easy to attach and tighten the brace. Gone is the velcro that wore out quickly and caught on some types of pant fabric. The brace plate on the front keeps the SaeboStep from collapsing over time, maintaining good angles for lift and support. When the cord FINALLY wears out, the replacement will be much easier. The new dials feel much nicer on my fingers and work well.

I learned from a wonderful and helpful Saebo support person that it is good to pull the cord all the way out each time to reduce the low probability of getting a jam in the front dial. When it does get jam, move the slack in the cord to the small space near the front dial. This allows to then pull directly into the dial. The cord is sturdy, so it was easy then to “unjam” the dial. Don’t forget to pull the cord back into the correct path through the brace plate.

The picture below shows my initial attempt at using the SaeboStep with a pair of hiking boots that do not have eyelets and are too thick for the Crop-A-Dile eyelet punch. The boots have strong leather, I could use some green 1/8th inch nylon paracord and the hooks I removed from a mini-bungee cord.

In summary, I love my SaeboStep!  Plus, the company that makes it and then follows up with excellent customer service and support.

— Cliff P.

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