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The SaeboStep consists of a lightweight, uniquely designed foot drop brace that provides convenience and comfort while offering optimum foot clearance and support during walking.

The SaeboStep was designed to replace uncomfortable, stiff, or bulky splints that go inside the shoe as well as poorly manufactured braces designed for outside of the shoe that lack support and durability.

*Shoe not included.


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Product Description


  • The Boa “lift” dial is located on the ankle strap and allows the client to quickly and easily customize the lift angle required for lifting the foot for safe clearance, or release the tension as needed with a simple turn of the dial.
  • The Spectra Cord is a thin and durable cord that attaches to the eyelets on the shoe to lift the foot quickly and easily.
  • Small hook attachments are positioned on the shoe to secure the Spectra Cord.
  • Soft and comfortable strapping system secures the device to the ankle.

The SaeboStep is designed for individuals that have had injuries that result in:

  • Limited lower extremity movement and function leading to difficulty raising the foot.
  • Ankle/foot weakness.
  • Decreased foot sensation leading to decreased coordination.

Clients that may not be appropriate for the SaeboStep typically exhibit one or more of the below:

  • Severe joint deformities in the foot or ankle.
  • Moderate tightness or greater in the foot and ankle.
  • Moderate spasticity or greater in the foot and ankle.
  • Moderate or severe swelling in the foot and ankle.
  • Open wounds.
  • Limited hand function with no caregiver support; therefore, applying the device may be challenging.

Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.25 × 4.375 in

64 reviews for SaeboStep

  1. Janet C.

    This brace is amazing! Developed drop foot after back surgery. My therapist told me about your video. I had tried two other braces but both way too cumbersome and heavy. Told a friend about it and she got one too. I love it! She can even wear it with her sandals. I suggest buying extra hooks with your order because you’re going to want to wear it with a variety of shoes. Great invention guys!!!

  2. Tommy C.

    The Saebo Step is a great device. I had a custom made AFO that was very expensive and very uncomfortable and wore it for 2 months before I found the Saebo which a fraction on the cost! I was skeptical about it, but with a 30-day return policy, I decided to try it, it works great I wear it every day!

  3. Aaron J.

    The Saebo ankle unit greatly improved my PT walking sessions and toe flexibility and exercise vs. devices which were static which did not allow such movements.

  4. Diana R.

    I wear the Saebo Step brace every day! I love it!!! I can’t walk without it. I have to lift my foot up and concentrate on every step with the possibility of tripping and falling. I bought my brace in December and wore it every day. In May, the boa on my brace broke so I immediately ordered another as walking is even harder without it. I was surprised that my surgeon, my spine doctor, my podiatrist, and the whole physical therapy department had never heard of the Saebo Step or any of its products. They all have had patients with drop foot and would have benefited from your products. So I am in my own way trying to spread the word on this fantastic company and all of its products. Both of my parents had strokes and my mom’s neurologist had never heard of Saebo. Anyway if you need a spokesperson to spread the news about Saebo I am available because I love this company that has enabled me to do
    one of my favorite things to do is walk around the lake by my house. Thank you. Diana Roth. P. S. I didn’t know there was a year warranty on my Saebo Step and I got a refund on it. Thank you so much.

  5. Todd S.

    The recent accident left me with drop foot. I have used a $2,300 custom fit, hard plastic, inside the shoe, foot and ankle brace, another off the shelf foot/ ankle brace and the SaeboStep. For me, the SaeboStep is easily the most comfortable and all around best. It is the most versatile, discreet and does not restrict any motion. I car drive a car, bike, walk and most importantly, fly a plane. I am a commercial pilot and thought my career would be over but luckily, FAA regulations do allow for the use of a brace and the SaeboStep gives me the range of motion, comfort, and adjustability I need. Replacement parts included, enough pieces to outfit at least two pairs of shoes, made of good quality durable materials and inexpensive. It’s a no brainer.

  6. Jeff S.

    Once you use it, it’s like putting on a pair of socks.

  7. Angela B.

    I’ve had 7 AFOs, not one got in a shoe, the BOA has kept me from falling. It picks up my drop foot and I walk in absolute comfort in my normal size shoes. The best company ever!

  8. Jason A.

    The Saebo Step has been great. I moved from my AFO to it and it has been great. I am actually using my thigh again with it. It is helping with my drop foot again.

  9. Gotham

    Love it!!!!!!!!! it’s the second one I bought!!!! I believe it was a great invention by somebody That was Smart enough I think of it. I believe I walk as good as my custom-made AFO And the main reason for seeking your product was the summertime when you wear shorts I am afraid of the cord breaking that’s why I bought the second one,but I know there’s ways to replace it and I’ll figure it out when it happens.. If there’s one thing I would ask for.. it would be A discount for frequent fliers. Lol but whatever thank you again

  10. Susan

    The Saebo Step works beautifully for me…I experienced a right foot drop before my 2nd back surgery and it was not corrected by the surgery. The SaeboStep keeps the toes elevated well, preventing stumbling. As a result of the surgery, however, i am unable to put it on by myself–thank goodness for husbands!

  11. Karen

    My new Saebo step is light and comfortable. It keeps my toes up so I don’t trip.

  12. Kristan S

    The Saebo Step has worked great for our 15 year old son. He couldn’t stand wearing the $1500 AFO that fits inside his shoe, but the Saebo he wears willingly and inconspicuously. Our only concern is ankle support on uneven ground. We haven’t had an issue yet, but it’s been a long winter inside…

  13. Paul S

    To be honest I was very skeptical. I thought it would be a total PIA. Putting the brace, tightening it, putting the hooks on the shoes, I dreaded the thought. BUT I was wrong. It goes on easy they give you two sets of hooks And more importantly it really works well I thought for sure I’d be sending it back but now I wouldn’t give it back for all the world

  14. Scott

    SO much more comfortable and discrete than my old AFO. My AFO was so big and bulky and I kept getting pressure sores on the back of my leg from where it was rubbing, and it just looked awful when I wore shorts, so I quit using it. This product keeps me from catching the tip of my foot on rugs and uneven surfaces and has given me a lot more freedom to walk without constantly starting at the ground watching out for hazards. I’d highly recommend this product. (And thank you for including extra hooks so I don’t have to #1 order more and #2 hassle with swapping hooks when I change shoes).

  15. Peter

    For those who are worried About such things it is very discreet! It gives support as needed.The only thing I don’t like, is the velcro strap that holds it around your ankle is a little weak. Overall this product does exactly what it says it does and it helps with my drop foot.

  16. Susie

    The SaeboStep is helping me walk with my foot drop. I have tried many other braces but this one is the most effective and least visible. My carbon AFO started breaking so I had to find something to wear while I wait on a new one. I like that I can wear the SaeboStep with just about any shoe. Ordered more eyelets and have put them on a couple different pair of shoes. Thank you for such a beneficial device!

  17. Jon M

    I have fairly severe drop foot and Saebo-Step does a good job of getting my foot off the ground when walking. This reduces the effort of walking, conserving my energy and reducing the risk of falls. It doesn’t do all the work for you – just makes it easier. For me, it’s comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off, and easy to release the lifting tension on the foot when you don’t need it and want to leave the device on. I keep a spare on hand because I don’t want to be without my Saebo-Step!

  18. Ross R.

    I love the idea behind the design, having a drop foot stabilization is extremely important to me. Having said that, the cord broke after 11 miles of hiking/walking. Needless to say I’m pretty disappointed. As this just happened today I have not had time to reach out to CS, it is my hope they’ll stand behind their product or have a steel cable solution.

  19. Lloyd G

    This device is brutal to put on. It is loose and the clip used to secure it is cheesy and poor quality.
    I can’t do it myself. When someone is around to help and the device is on and sufficiently secure so that it stays in place without sliding down my leg., it works well. If I could get it on nice and snug around my leg, I would love it. Now it just frustrates me.

  20. Auntie

    The unit itself has worked well so far. I’ve worn it about 20 times. The cord concerns me that it may break since I have to wear it so tight but so far so good. And it comes with one extra just in case.
    My main complaint is the cost of additional hooks for the shoes. I don’t want to have to switch them out for each pair. I wanted multiple hooks for different shoes. Since the hooks sets are almost $17 each that was cost prohibitive.

  21. Robert F

    Fast shipping. Excellent product for my foot drop. Much lighter, easier to put on,and very comfortable compared to my previous bulky brace. Genius! I love it! I show it off to others on my PT group.

  22. Evelyn

    The item we ordered was exactly what we were hoping for.

  23. Gregg S

    I have suffered from footdrop post back surgery. I tried other braces but the Saebo is far superior in quality and comfort. The customer services was also very good.

    I would highly recommend this product.

  24. Julie

    The Saebo step is definitely improving my ability to walk with my drop foot issues. So far, it’s been a great experience working with the Saebo staff to complete my order.

  25. Jack

    The Staebostep is wonderful. I’ve been using it for two months. It is easy to put on. Very comfortable and I am able to wear through TSA airport security.

  26. Boota V.

    Great service, prompt service. The idea behind saebostep is very good but needs some rethinking. I bought this for my son and he likes it but after little while complains about the ankle cuff sliding down and putting pressure on his foot.

  27. Ritesh S

    Using this product increased my mobility and reduced the number of falls I have had.

  28. Jane M

    Excellent with shipping timeliness and quality of product

  29. Shelley

    Your device is amazing! It has helped me so much with the foot drop I’m experiencing after a bad accident. I’m not sure what I would do without it! The custom apparatus I had made for me were unusable because they were so uncomfortable!!! Your product is amazing!!!!

  30. Boris

    Very good experience, non obtrusive, nearly invisible, easy to use.

  31. Scott A

    Product design and effectiveness

  32. Christine R

    Wonderful product! I experience drop foot from MS & find this brace helps my balance and walking

  33. Lynette R

    I would recommend this product for my foot drop OK

  34. Steve

    My SaeboStep made it much more comfortable to walk. It looks like the cable is beginning to fray after 1 month’s light duty work but still worth having. I am ordering extra cords to have on hand.

  35. Stu

    Initial order very easy.

    Promised contact never received.

    Disappointed that UPS was the carrier, over a week and more expensive than USPS Priority 3 day that would have got it here week sooner

  36. Jason D.

    allthough the product has a superior design, the plastic material in the ratchet type center knob (for tighening cord on saebostep) is stripping out. it has only been a few months using this product and i feel fro the money spent it should have at least alluminum inner mechanical parts

  37. Don K.

    Works fine.

  38. Bunny

    Awesome..I love the foot drop device!

  39. Barbara

    After wearing a high, heavy AFO for some time, am in love with my Stebo Step “brace”! It is light weight, easy to put on and keeps my foot at the correct level for walking! Definitely aids in my walking and also helps with balance.! GREAT product!!!

  40. Nicola P.

    Great device, really helps Zane walk and pick up his foot, so zero falls! Need another set of the eyelet hooks for another pair of shoes. How to order??? Thanks for this device!!

  41. Stacey

    I love this brace it does not hurt my foot as much as the other ones I have tried! I am going to have pain not matter what I do but this brace has been the best that I have used! Thank you for making such an awesome brace!

  42. mike

    Excellent product
    It has helped me walk better without stumbling while I rehab leg muscles I wear it while I’m at the gym and out shopping
    Recently diagnosed with MS

  43. William H.

    I really like the operational design of both products I bought from Saebo. The Saebo Step is simple and effective to use. The only issue is it is hard to install the hooks onto the shoe. One of the hooks was cross threaded which made it even worse. The Alan wrench supplied was very hard to keep the small screw on it while trying to get the screw through the shoe eyelet. Persistence finally got it done.

  44. Byron

    Pretty durable product that’s effective.

  45. Cathy C.

    I have been using the Saebo Step for my drop foot. I love it! It’s comfortable and I love the fact that I have more shoe options.

  46. Hubert D.

    Very good for my drop foot condition 100% better than my plastic AFO

  47. Wolf

    As advertised, work great. Very thankful to no longer have a hard foot brace in my shoe!!!! 🙂

  48. Filippo S.

    I had a problem with a Saebo step and I received a quick answer and a replacement.

  49. Stan H.

    The Saebo Step has been key to my recovery from a dropped foot do to some damage to the peroneal nerve. I was glad I found it and the 30 day money back guarantee made it a no brainer to try for $150 as compared to the $700 I was going to have to shell out of pocket for a “custom” orthotic. It’s intuitive to use and stays pretty comfortable even after wearing it all day. It supported my foot to walk and to prevent the overstretching from the he foot drop. The only problem was that I lost one of the eyelets. I simply made sure to start checking that they were secure instead of assuming they would stay tight.

  50. P. Edwards

    I really love my new brace and it helps me walk so much better and I keep trying to move this string in different places because it’s trying to frail? I really needed it to keep me from falling and it makes my whole leg feel light! Which that makes me not as tired because I don’t have to work so hard to walk- plus I’ve gotten compiments on working straighter! Hallelujah for my new saebo brace it had a hot spot on my leg but put one of your cushions in it and fine just fine! Thankyou for your prompt service!

  51. Margaret

    I am a person living with Multiple Sclerosis which has caused me to suffer with drop foot. After 4 years of wearing two different AFOs, one metal and one plastic, I decided there had to be something better fit for me out there. After researching I decided to try the SaeboStep. It has literally changed my life. It’s difficult to explain but the SaebroStep gives me the feeling that I once again have some control of my right leg. Thank you Saebo for giving me back of piece me. : )

  52. Debbie

    It has literally been a lifesaver for me. I have foot drop. I am able to lift my foot but cannot keep it up through a step. I was constantly tripping and nearly falling several times a day. Since using the Saebo step I am not nearly tripping at all. The saebo decreased my risk for falling probably 98%. It was definitely worth the expense and I am showing it to my pain mgmt doc, the physical therapist and my acupuncture doctor so they can recommend it to others that have a need for it. Thank you!

  53. William

    Saebo Step is an effective and simple device to put on. The eyelet hooks can be a little difficult to install but doable.

  54. Michelle M.C.

    My son has a significant brain injury and has decreased mobility and sensation on his right side. He lives this brace for helping his foot drop. He was using a very expensive Bioness system but he gets similar results with this brace. So easy to use and very sturdy . He’s 6’2″ with a size 13 shoe and the brace is holding up great

  55. Marilynn Anne

    Love my foot brace for walking so much better than up leg and lighter thank you after 7 years can walk comfortably

  56. Katie

    With the SaeboStep donned, I have noticed improved foot clearance during gait in affected lower extremity and, as a secondary benefit, improvements in arm swing and truncal rotation.

  57. Kari C.

    I left the hospital, after my stroke with a big plastic AFO after a month I did a little research and found the Saebo Step. The biggest way this has helped me is that it made me independent.. I am able to put it on with one hand:: this was impossible with that big plastic thing I had originally. I am now looking at another Saebo product to help me in my recovery.

  58. Tom

    I have drop foot and I’m waiting for the one the Ortho had me fitted for. Now, I can’t go another few weeks of tripping all the time, so I googled and found this product and ordered it. Although pricey to similar braces I gave it a shot… Well I know I won’t use the one that’s being made because this thing is great…comfortable and does the trick.

  59. Tracy

    In the past I have used a carbon steel AFO brace that slides into my shoe. I used it sometimes, but not all the time because of discomfort. It was also hard to find a shoe to slide it into. I also bought a Bioness electronic brace for over $600. This was okay but after a while I got a lot of skin irritation under the electrodes. I could really only wear it a few hours a day, but I needed to wear it all day. Plus, I had to find wider pants to fit over the brace. The SaeboStep is reasonably priced and I am very pleased with it. Actually it’s the best brace that I have used so far. I am actually using it everyday! I actually WANT to put it on.

  60. Ricardo

    I am a physical therapist specializing in spine rehabilitation. I have a patient that has drop foot and today she came in using this drop foot brace and I was impressed by how good she looked and ambulated. Her balance and quality of gait improved significantly. very simple to adjust and to install in all kinds of shoes. Great product I recommend it!!

  61. Bobby

    I had a custom, ceramic, ankle-foot orthosis made for $2500. This turned out to be like a medieval torture device – an expensive one too! It was so uncomfortable. Then I saw the SaeboStep on the Saebo website and it looked much more comfortable so I decided to try it. The SaeboStep is far superior to the other device I was using which caused my heel to come crashing down when I would go up and down steps. What a difference this makes. I am so grateful to the engineers at Saebo for their innovations. Keep up the good work!

  62. Mike P.

    Fell getting out of the car. Would be better if you could provide ankle support. Back to AFO.

  63. Rob

    Innovative and unique product! Every person I’ve shown this brace to have loved it – incredibly comfortable and discreet.

  64. Mike

    I love your brace. I had a full orthotic for 13 years and have been using this for almost 2 years. Someone stopped me in a store and told me about this great product and it has truly changed my life. It changed my walking pattern and I can walk sometimes without my cane. People and doctors are amazed and I recommend your product to everyone. My complaint is that the attachment hooks fall out so I have modified it with fishing wait clasps to secure it to my shoes or boots. I have also had the wire break but am happy to see I can now order a replacement wire. This is my third brace it is much more affordable then orthotic and way more comfortable and light. Sometimes I forget I have it on but if I don’t have it on I will fall down.

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SaeboGlove FAQs

How does it work?

  • Following an orthopedic or neurological injury or disease, it is common for clients to experience decreased lower extremity coordination, increased weakness or spasticity in the muscles responsible for lifting the foot, which is referred to as foot drop.
  • Often, a client experiencing foot drop will try to compensate by hiking their hip or bending their knee more to clear their foot without dragging. This can lead to further problems in the back due to the abnormal compensation movements.
  • TheSaeboStep consists of a lightweight and comfortable foot drop brace that provides optimum foot clearance and support during walking.
  • TheSaeboStep was designed to replace uncomfortable, stiff, or bulky splints that go inside the shoe, as well as poorly manufactured braces designed for outside of the shoe that lack support and durability.
  • The SaeboStep is a foot drop brace that has four components to help fully lift the foot when walking.
  • Cushioned Strapping System – The adjustable strap is made of soft hook and loop material and comfortably wraps around the ankle.
  • BOA “Lift” Dial – The dial is located on the ankle strap and allows the client to quickly and easily customize the lift angle required for lifting the foot for safe clearance, or release the tension as needed with a simple turn of the dial.
  • Spectra Cord – The spectra cord is a thin and durable cord that attaches to they eyelets on the shoe to lift the foot quickly and easily.
  • Hook Attachments – Small, metal attachments that are secured on the shoe to secure the spectra cord.

How do I know it is right for me (or my patient)?

  • The SaeboStep is designed for individuals that have had injuries that result in:
    • Limited lower extremity movement and function leading to difficulty raising the foot.
    • Ankle/foot weakness.
    • Decreased foot sensation leading to decreased coordination.
  • Some diagnoses that may benefit from use of the SaeboStep include but are not limited to:
    • Stroke or brain tumor.
    • Traumatic Brain Injury.
    • Spinal Cord Injury.
    • MS.
    • Guillian-Barre.
    • Cerebral Palsy.
    • ALS.
    • Low back injuries such as herniated discs or spinal stenosis.
    • Parkinsons Disease.
    • An injury to the lower leg or foot.
    • Diabetes.
  • The onset of the injury does not prevent someone from receiving Saebo treatment. Whether the client just had a stroke or other injury causing foot drop, or if he or she suffered the injury years ago, the SaeboStep can be of great benefit.

What can I (or my patient) expect?

  • Once the client dons the SaeboStep and adjusts the tension to meet their specific needs, they will be able to immediately lift the front of their foot to avoid dragging the toes when walking.
  • The SaeboStep can be worn comfortably with the majority of male or female shoe styles. Saebo offers an accessory kit which allows the eyelets to attach to shoes that don’t have laces.
  • With the foot being lifted, the client will experience added support needed to improve walking ability and increase overall safety, as well as less fatigue and compensation.
  • You do not need a therapist to order the SaeboStep.

What are the contraindications?

  • Clients that may not be appropriate for the SaeboStep typically exhibit one or more of the below:
    • Severe joint deformities in the foot or ankle.
    • Moderate tightness or greater in the foot and ankle.
    • Moderate spasticity or greater in the foot and ankle.
    • Moderate or severe swelling in the foot and ankle.
    • Open wounds.
    • Limited hand function with no caregiver support; therefore, applying the device may be challenging.

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