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It feels like I have my hand back. I haven’t been able to move my fingers in 11 months and now I can hold them out instead of them being scrunched up all the time. I can pick up a ball and drop it in a basket. I’m telling you, it’s amazing! I like how the SaeboFlex gives me the motivation to use it because I automatically see it working on my hand. I love how it makes my fingers be fingers again! I feel like I’m normal again which is a lot for me because I am disabled. Without it my hand would not move, it would be like a dead mass. My hand is not scrunched up into a ball anymore. SaeboFlex helps people that don’t feel whole, to feel whole again. I can’t put into words how amazing it makes me feel and it is AMAZING! I just want to thank SaeboFlex for giving me a chance.
-Heather W.
Rochelle, IL

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