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I had a hemorrhage stroke on August 17, 2018, and within a couple of weeks, my shoulder subluxated, and it was painful. So much so that I was unable to participate in any rehab. I tried other solutions, and it improved the pain for a short time. However, after a couple of months, I, unfortunately, was back to square one. 
After researching how to improve my shoulder subluxation, I found Saebo and SaeboStim One. I gave electrical stimulation a try at therapy, but it gave varying results due to incorrect placement and other factors. This was not the case for the SaeboStim One. The device was perfect! I just put it on my arm in the morning and use it throughout the day. I am now up to using it four hours a day. I could tell within a month that my shoulder subluxation had reduced significantly. Now, two months later, I can raise my arm to 90 degrees. I am so pleased with my progress. I have been able to continue with my rehab, and more importantly, I am no longer in pain. I would recommend this product; it has changed my life!
- Lynne C.

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