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I have been using the SaeboStep brace since about March 1st, 2019. I already wrote one testimonial about how great it has been for me and how it has allowed me to function and walk almost normally while I am wearing it. In addition to having drop foot I also recently had the TAVR procedure to replace my aortic heart valve. After having the successful procedure I was placed in a cardiac rehabilitation program where I am expected to exercise for 40 minutes 3 days per week in order to regain my stamina after being very sedentary for a long time due to both of my conditions. 

I also have had planned for several years a celebration trip to Europe celebrating my 70th birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary. Due to my drop foot and my heart condition I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make my trip. Well, thanks to my SaeboStep device [I now own 3 of them because I am so dependent on them] I was able to travel, carry my luggage, do all the things necessary for my trip AND I walked more than 5 miles per day for 2 weeks!! I am also able to use the elliptical machine and the stationary bike to get the necessary exercise to strengthen my heart!! 

As I said in my first testimonial having drop foot sucks BUT the SaeboStep device is a lifesaver for anyone like me that has to deal with this condition. I have even shown other people that have a similar condition my brace and have told them where they can get one. I am a huge advocate of this device and I am sure if you need a brace and try this one you will feel the same way!!!

- David E.

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