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I recently used the SaeboStim Micro with a patient in his seventies who had a stroke (CVA) four months prior. He was receiving inpatient rehab at our skilled nursing facility.  He had made significant progress regaining motor function but continued to have impaired sensation in his hand. He reported a continuous tingling feeling. He also had difficulty distinguishing different sensations (sharp, dull, smooth, soft, hard, etc). This made many daily tasks harder. For example, buttoning a shirt took concentration as he struggled to feel the difference between the hard button and the pliable cloth. Many other tasks similarly took extra effort and time.

Hoping to improve his hand sensation, we ordered a trial of the SaeboStim Micro. It was very easy for my patient to use. He and his wife were able to manage the device on their own after only two instruction sessions. He wore it at the skilled nursing facility for eight hours each night and one to two sessions during the day, putting it on and taking it off himself. I was pleasantly surprised that he reported improvement even after the first day.  He had noticed less tingling in his fingertips. After a week, he noticed the tingling sensation had also decreased in his thumb. He described it as feeling “more normal”. This was a significant change in a short period that came after two months in which he had little progress in this area. My patient and his wife were feeling so encouraged and hopeful that they decided to purchase the SaeboStim Micro to continue to use at home. I would definitely recommend this product to other patients with impaired sensation in their hand.
-- Dunya Nuaimi

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