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Four years ago, my daughter celebrated her first birthday in a rehabilitation hospital where I was recovering from an ischemic stroke that left me paralyzed on the right side of my body. The stroke was a horrible experience that came out of nowhere. Afterward, I was unable to walk, eat, or even see out of my right eye. Prior to the stroke I was an aircraft mechanic and enjoyed playing the guitar, paddle boarding, surfing, flying, and generally having fun outdoors and with my family in our small fishing town in Alaska. After the stroke, I was struggling to do just the basic things.

Immediately after the stroke, I recovered in the hospital for two months and worked toward being able to walk and eat again. Thankfully, I was able to regain these functions, but four years later I am still in therapy, working to recover my arm and hand function. Before my occupational therapist gave me the SaeboGlove, my arm was too weak to be able to open the refrigerator door or pick something off a shelf. These things were difficult in part because I had to focus so much on my hand. I certainly couldn’t paddleboard or play the guitar because I was unable to control my grip. Once the paddle was in my right hand, I was unable to let go, in order to switch to the other hand.
After I began using the SaeboGlove I noticed remarkable improvements. I wore the SaeboGlove at home to practice things, like picking something off a shelf or items out of a bowl. Then the next day, even when I wasn’t wearing it anymore, I felt my hand getting stronger, more coordinated, and more flexible. Now, I am starting to be able to do the things I once loved again, like play the guitar. Before using the SaeboGlove, I was unable to hold the guitar pick, but now I can. My kids think the glove is pretty cool; my daughter helps me put the rubber bands on. It’s kind of like an Iron Man hand! The SaeboGlove is such a great product. I am grateful to be able to use it and I encourage other people recovering from stroke to try it. It has made a real difference in the quality of my life.

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