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Are you stimulating the affected side enough?

Saebo Co-Founder Henry Hoffman discusses the importance of SES and an effective home rehabilitation program in his latest Q&A video.

Acute patients with hemiparesis only USE THEIR AFFECTED UPPER LIMB an average of 3.3 HOURS PER DAY.
Lang, C. J of Neurol Phs Ther, 2007.

Acute patients less than 14 days following stroke USED THEIR AFFECTED LIMB ONLY 38 MIN. (7%) OF A 9-HOUR DAY.
Bernhardt, J. J Rehabil Med, 2007.

During sub-acute rehab, stroke survivors completed activity-related arm training for an AVERAGE OF 4 MINUTES PER SESSION during therapy.
Hayward, KS & Brauer, SG. Clinical Rehabil, 2015

Research shows that stroke survivors perform very few ARM MOVEMENTS during therapy ranging from 23 TO 32 REPETITIONS PER SESSION.
Kimberly et al. J Rehabil Res Dev, 2010, Lang et al. Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 2009.

Why use SaeboStim Micro?

  • Decrease spasticity
  • Improve motor function
  • Increase sensation
  • Improve inattention and neglect
  • Increased cortical plasticity and motor excitability
  • Decrease swelling and pain
  • Normalize hand temperature

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