Foot Drop Brace

The most comfortable "drop foot" solution on the market. Works with all your favorite shoes!

SaeboStep AFO & Supplies

Walk with Drop Foot

  • Improved Design
    Person wearing SaeboStep AFO foot drop brace with resistance bands attached to blue running shoe.

    SaeboStep Foot Drop Brace

    $169.00 Open Box: $149
  • Bundle & Save $50
    SaeboStim Spa / SaeboStep Combo

    SaeboStim Spa / SaeboStep Bundle

  • New Product!
    SaeboStep Barefoot

    SaeboStep Barefoot Accessory Strap

  • SaeboStep Eyelet Hook Kit (Gen 2)

    SaeboStep Eyelet Hook Kit

  • SaeboStep Replacement Cord Kit

    SaeboStep Front Replacement Cord Kit

  • Saebo Crop-A-Dial Eyelet Punch for shoes with included eyelets.

    SaeboStep Crop-A-Dile

  • SaeboStep Side Cord Replacement Kit

    SaeboStep Side Cord Replacement Kit

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