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My name is Jena Bohl, and I’ve been an Occupational Therapist for 5 years.

I have been working in outpatient neurological rehab for almost three years at HonorHealth (formerly Scottsdale Healthcare) in Scottsdale, AZ. During this time, I have been using Saebo products including the SaeboReach, SaeboFlex, SaeboGlide, SaeboStretch, SaeboMAS, and trialed the Saebo MyoTrac Infiniti for 2 weeks. I most recently received the 2-week, free trial for the SaeboGlove to use with a patient.

The following information is regarding my patient’s medical condition/history (DISCLAIMER: I am sharing with his permission):

The facts: He was a 70-year-old male who experienced a R putamen/inferior cerebellar CVA on 5/27/15 resulting in L-sided weakness. He participated in two weeks of inpatient rehabilitation and then was discharged home using a single-point cane, supervision for mobility, and assistance with all ADL/IADL tasks. Prior to his CVA, he was independent with ADLs, driving, and working full-time.

I evaluated this gentleman on 6/22/15 and found he had decreased AROM/PROM of his L UE, 2-3 spasticity (Modified Ashworth Scale), no active grip/pinch strength, and no functional use or stabilization with his L hand. I started using the SaeboGlide and SaeboMAS in adjunct with the Bioness H200 during our visits. I was seeing him three times a week at that time.

By 7/13/15, patient started using the SaeboFlex and initiated using it at home on a daily basis. On his 20th visit (8/11/15), this patient demo’ed a score of 1 on the Modified Ashworth Scale with his finger flexors and had active grip strength of 4.6# and lateral pinch strength of 1#. He was now able to stabilize cylindrical objects in his L hand while opening with his R hand. He was able to complete subtests of the Jebsen Taylor Hand Function Test including lifting lightweight (1:31) and heavy objects (1:36), turn cards (1:48), and retrieve 3 small items (2:47, multiple drops) given extra time and compensation for all tasks. At this time, he was completing 110, 4” poof balls in a 45 minute time frame with his Saebo Flex. By his 30th visit (9/8/15), he completed the card turning task in 56 seconds and lifting lightweight objects in 56 seconds. His grip strength was 4.3# and lateral pinch was 1.8#.

I re-tested him on 10/07/15 which was the start date of using the SaeboGlove. I only assessed his grip strength (4.3#), lateral pinch strength (1.8#), and Box and Blocks gross motor coordination (11 blocks). He demonstrated no change from his 9/8/15 reassessment in these areas. After two weeks of a daily, intensive home program incorporating the Saebo Glove and modified Constraint Induced Therapy patient demonstrated significant improvements from his 9/8 and 10/07 reassessments. His grip strength was 11# (previous: 4.3#), lateral pinch strength 3.8# (1.8#), and Box and Blocks gross motor coordination was 23 blocks (previous: 11 blocks). Jebsen Taylor Hand Function Test was readministered with the following results: card turning in 9.2 seconds (previous: 56 seconds), lifting lightweight objects in 11.1 sec (previous: 56 seconds), lifting heavy objects in 11.6 seconds (previous: 1:36), and retrieving 6 small objects in 24.8 seconds (previous: 2:47, only 3 objects). I also administered the 9-Hole Peg Test which he has never been able to initiate completing in previous trials. He completed the pegs in 1:33.

Functionally, he is now able to use his L hand to retrieve his medications, turn pages in a book, play board games, and pick up extra change from the tabletop!

His Thoughts on Saebo:

“When I tried the first Saebo (Flex), heavy with metal springs, I had very little movement in my left hand. Using it in therapy, for the first time, I felt I could utilize the hand muscles and begin to make a fist. As I had problems opening my hand, the springs served me both ways- building strength in closing and assist in opening. When I moved to the SaeboGlove, the lighter weight allowed me to incorporate more shoulder and upper arm movements with my hand, a three-muscle movement which is much more natural to normal use. As I have continued with the SaeboGlove, I have seen my small motor skills improve greatly. While other therapies have been involved, I feel the new SaeboGlove has contributed greatly to my increased movement.” – K.B.

My Thoughts on Saebo:

The SaeboGlove is easy to donn/doff and use functionally in both the clinic and at home. It is more lightweight and progresses patients who are ready to initiate more isometric finger movements for precision tasks. The SaeboGlove is an excellent adjunct to a patient’s home exercise program.

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. Reliance on any information provided by the Saebo website is solely at your own risk.

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