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A Dynamic Solution for a Dynamic Problem. Don't settle for less.

  • The revolutionary SaeboStretch dynamic resting hand splint helps neurologically-impaired clients maintain or improve motion while minimizing joint damage and pain.
  • Saebo’s energy-storing technology allows individuals suffering from spasticity to stretch comfortably and safely resulting in increased motivation and compliance.
  • The SaeboStretch includes three interchangeable dynamic handpieces that can accommodate various levels of spasticity.

Pediatric SaeboStretch


Pediatric Sizes Now Available!

The SaeboStretch is now available in 5 sizes (XXS-L).

Learn more about Pediatric SaeboStretch.

Innovative and Elegant Design. Not your typical resting hand splint.

27 reviews for SaeboStretch

  1. gorilon1680 (verified owner)

    It has been one of the only orthopedic items since my stroke in 1990 that impressed me by their quality and fabrication. At first it took some time to get adjusted to wearing it, but I can use it every time longer time than when I first started using it.

  2. Jim F.

    I had hand surgery and was told to purchase something that would hold my hand flat. I ordered a SaeboStretch and another brand that was just a piece of plastic with Velcro (it was much cheaper) but once the SaeboStretch came in I knew I had the best. If I ever have to go through this again this would be the only brand I would purchase. It is excellent! The splint lets your hand flex a little and it is soft.

  3. Doris S.

    Thank goodness, I ran into your site. I have tried different braces and the Saebo does what I wanted of a brace. I have MS and needed something to help me straighten my finger; from turning inward to a fist. This is helping in keeping my fingers straight. Thanks!

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