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SaeboStretch Dynamic Resting Hand Splint

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Give your joints a break with this dynamic resting hand splint that reduces finger curling and significantly improves movement in the hand and fingers, taking you from flexion to extension. The SaeboStretch is a revolutionary splint/hand brace for individuals recovering from stroke, TBI, spinal cord injury or other neurological injuries.

  • Patented stretch technology.
  • Prevent joint damage, improve movement.
  • Three resistance-level hand plates.
  • Adjustable system for a customized fit.


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  • A Name You Can Trust – More doctors and hospitals recommend Saebo products for stroke rehabilitation than any other brand.
  • Backed by Research – To maximize recovery following a stroke (or other neurological injury), doctors understand the critical importance of “grasp and release” hand exercises. As the saying goes: “Use it or loose it”.  Using your hand throughout the day and during high-repetition therapy sessions builds new connections in the brain (cortical plasticity) and offsets the negative impacts of neglect (atrophy and spasticty) which can lead to a painful and useless “claw-fist.”Read about exciting new research featuring the SaeboGlove here
  • Patient-Based Design – Our products are developed by doctors and clinicians incorporating years of “hands-on” experience with patients just like you. Here are some of “patient-based” features you’ll find on our unique and patented SaeboGlove design:
  • Free Consultation & Support – The help you need is just a phone call away. Our team is always available to answer questions and offer expert advice.  We’re here for you every step of your recovery journey.

By purchasing this item, I agree that I have reviewed the patient criteria below and believe that I meet those criteria.

  1. With my fingers curled, I do feel some stiffness/resistance when attempting to stretch them open with my unaffected hand.
  2. I can place my affected hand and wrist flat on a table with palm facing down. I am aware that it is not designed for clients with very "tight" hands (unable to place hand/wrist flat on table).
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Stretch comfortably to prevent pain while improving motion.

Introducing the SaeboStretch

The revolutionary SaeboStretch dynamic resting hand splint helps neurologically-impaired clients maintain or improve motion while minimizing joint damage and pain.

Unlock the potential of your hand rehabilitation with the SaeboStretch Dynamic Resting Hand Splint.

Experience the benefits of gentle stretching, improved alignment, and enhanced functional movement patterns. Begin your journey to improved hand function and independence today with the SaeboStretch!


  • Designed to optimize your recovery process, this innovative splint/hand brace offers exceptional support and flexibility to significantly increase functionality of your hand and fingers.
  • With its focus on dynamic resting, the SaeboStretch is the ultimate solution for individuals seeking effective hand therapy tools and improved functionality.
  • The splint/hand brace features a dynamic component that promotes gentle stretching and extension of your fingers and wrist, reducing muscle stiffness and contractures.
  • By maintaining the proper alignment of your hand, the SaeboStretch encourages neuroplasticity, aiding in the rewiring of your brain after injury.
  • SaeboStretch is suitable for a variety of conditions, including stroke recovery, neurological disorders, and muscle imbalances.
  • An excellent hand therapy tool that significantly aids patients in moving their hand after a stroke or other neurological injury.


  • The dynamic resting hand splint is adjustable to accommodate your unique hand size and individual hand recovery needs.
  • Its customizable design ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to wear it for extended periods of time.
  • Made from high-quality materials, the SaeboStretch offers durability and longevity, making it a reliable companion throughout your recovery journey.
  • The splint’s open-palm design allows for sensory input and engagement, facilitating a more natural and intuitive rehabilitation process.
  • Its lightweight and low-profile construction make the SaeboStretch splint/hand brace convenient for both daytime and nighttime use, promoting consistent progress.
  • The cover features a convenient zipper closure for easy removal and cleaning.

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Not your typical resting hand splint.

Innovative and Low-Profile Design.


What is the SaeboStretch?

The SaeboStretch is a revolutionary and award-winning dynamic splint/hand brace for individuals suffering from neurological injuries, such as stroke. The splint helps to prevent joint damage while improving and maintaining range of motion.

How is the SaeboStretch different from current splints?

Protects your Joints:

  • Traditional splints are made from hard/rigid material, like plaster or fiberglass, that don’t allow the fingers to move. The SaeboStretch has a unique dynamic hand plate that allows the fingers to more easily flex and extend as muscle tone increases. This stretch technology safely repositions the fingers back into extension. The SaeboStretch also includes three different hand plates that offer various levels of resistance so you can further match your specific needs.

Positions the Hand:

The SaeboStretch provides maximum positioning using the following:

  • Proprietary new strapping system that utilizes key anatomical points of control to maximize control and ensure a customized fit.
  • Malleable wrist plate and thumb mount allow you to further customize the fit.
  • New non-slip strap material and design helps keep your fingers in the desired position.
  • Breeth-O-Preen covering allows moisture to wick away, enhancing skin integrity and hygiene.
  • Palmar arch padding to helps maintain the integrity of the palmar arch.
How does it work?
  • The SaeboStretch uses a revolutionary stretch technology, which allows the fingers to release from flexion caused by abnormal reflexes and increased tightness of the hand. Once released, the fingers gradually return to the desired resting position.
  • The stretch technology assists in preventing or reducing joint damage and pain. With hard static splints, there is increased pressure at the finger joints. The dynamic, flexible SaeboStretch hand plates reduce the pressure at the joints by allowing the hand plates to bend with the fingers when muscle tone increases.
  • The SaeboStretch includes three interchangeable dynamic hand plates that can accommodate various levels of spasticity, allowing it  to be beneficial for varying degrees of stiffness. It also allows you to decrease the resistance as your flexibility begins to improve.
  • The SaeboStretch has a unique, durable, and comfortable strapping system designed to maximize finger positioning and keep the fingers in place during movement.
  • The wrist and thumb support components are easily bendable. The SaeboStretch places the wrist and fingers in a position that is best for accommodating changes as you progress.
  • The SaeboStretch is made of soft and flexible materials, allowing it to be worn for numerous hours and while sleeping to obtain the maximum benefit and preserve the integrity of the skin.
How do I know it is right for me (or my patient)?
  • Those who have suffered a neurological injury such as stroke, develop increased tightness in the hand, known as contractures. If the hand is not maintained in an optimal position, the muscles can shorten over time, become painful and further limit the ability to regain hand function during recovery.
  • The SaeboStretch is designed for individuals that have experienced a neurological injury such as a stroke, head injury or spinal cord injury.
  • The SaeboStretch benefits clients whose hand has minimal to moderate stiffness but is able to open their hand flat with assistance.
  •  SaeboStretch is an excellent splint for preventative use. If a client has just suffered a neurological injury, has no stiffness, and their hand is loose, the SaeboStretch can help prevent stiffness by keeping the hand in a resting and stretched, functional position.
  • Consistent users see immediate results and quicker pain relief. For others, results may vary and require more time.
  • SaeboStretch is made of a removable, washable material that can easily be cleaned after regular use.
What can I (or my patient) expect?
  • Once your client receives the SaeboStretch, their therapist will create a wearing schedule that will best meets their needs.
  • The wearing time of the SaeboStretch can gradually increase. Initially, the splint is worn only during the day; once tolerated well, it can be worn at night, too.
  • Since the SaeboStretch comes with interchangeable plates, the resistance can be customized to your your client’s changing needs.
  • The SaeboStretch has a soft, flexible strapping system that is attached to the hand plate. This prevents straps from getting lost and allows for greater ease in attaching the splint, making it easier for your client to wear the brace.
  • Over time, the client will notice their hand in a more relaxed position, which reduces pain and allows the hand to participate in more therapeutic activities.

Why clinicians choose SaeboStretch.

The SaeboStretch overcomes clinical concerns that can result from traditional hard static splints including joint damage, hypermobility, and contractures. This novel splint uses a revolutionary stretch technology, which allows the fingers to move through flexion caused by associated reactions and increased tone. Following relaxation, the fingers gradually return to the desired resting position. Contracture is a loss of motion over time due to abnormal shortening of the soft tissue structures spanning one or more joints. These include skin, ligaments, tendon, muscles and joint capsules. Loss of motion in any of the structures restricts joint mobility leading to pain, stiffness and eventually contracture.


  • Typically, clients who have suffered a neurological injury, such as a stroke, develop increased tightness in the hand, known as contractures. If the hand is not maintained in an optimal position, the muscles can shorten over time, leading to contractures. Contractures can become painful and further limit the ability to regain hand function during recovery.
  • The SaeboStretch is designed for individuals who have experienced a neurological injury such as a stroke, head injury, or spinal cord injury.
  • In order to qualify for the SaeboStretch, your client must exhibit low or moderate stiffness and be able to open their hand completely flat (with their wrist at neutral) with assistance.


Clients that may not be appropriate for the SaeboStretch typically exhibit one or more of the following:

  • Severe joint deformities of the hand.
  • Severe tightness in the hand and wrist.
  • Severe swelling in the hand or wrist.
  • Open wounds or compromised skin integrity.
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